Locating to Bristol & Bath

ibb-logoAre you looking to locate or grow your business in the Bristol & Bath region? Whether you are in a foreign country, a UK national company, in another UK city or already in the region, Invest Bristol & Bath can offer help with hands on advice and intelligence on everything from recruitment of top employees and finding an office to plugging you in to the ever-expanding tech network.

Bristol & Bath has burst onto the world stage as a rapidly growing technology cluster and the region is gaining serious momentum. Building on its heritage in microelectronics and media, it has become the natural home to brilliant people building products and businesses at the intersection of high tech and creativity.

Invest Bristol & Bath has already played a crucial role in bringing innovative new business into the region and has attracted over 80 companies to the area creating over 1,500 new jobs contributing over £100m in GVA to the region’s economy.


Recent companies secured by Invest Bristol & Bath include global giant Huawei, and leading tech and digital companies Cray Supercomputers, Kainos, Just Eat and Somo who were all attracted by the region’s amazing talented workforce, world leading academic research and cool quality of life.

No wonder, Centre for Cities recently named Bristol & Bath as the only fast growing, globally significant tech cluster in the UK!

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