Bath-based celebrate $2 million raise

The digital trading card platform for e-sports is booming in the UK and the US
13th February 2018, a startup with offices in Bath and Santa Monica in the US has announced an impressive $2M seed investment raise to kick-off 2018.

Epics’ rich interactive platform, which allows its users to collect, trade and share their favourite e-sports stars (professional online gamers) and gaming influencers online, was created by a team that previously founded Xfire – the instant messaging service for gamers,, Esportsify, and the digital marketplace Check out an example card pictured right.

“We combined our favourite childhood hobby with modern technology for the ultimate user experience”


Although relatively new, the thriving e-sports market – which allows fans to act as spectators to multi-player competitive online games played by professional gamers – means’s success should be just the start, with the industry as a whole predicted to compound at a whopping 30% rate through 2020.

Gavin Weeks (pictured left) co-founder of tells us: “We combined our favourite childhood hobby with modern technology for the ultimate user experience and are incredibly excited to enable fans and collectors to own a piece of e-sports history, including skins from Counterstrike.”

Jens Hilgers, BITKRAFT Esports Ventures –’s founding partner, adds: “We’ve seen several successful trading card companies in traditional sports and entertainment space, and, up until now, trading cards have been completely missing from the e-sports market.

“ is the perfect combination of games, sports, and entertainment intellectual property with a digital and mobile-first approach and we couldn’t be more thrilled to invest in the team and help them bring this to market.”

Find out more via the website or follow them on Twitter here: @EpicsGG.