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TechSPARK Bath is part of the TechSPARK network

TechSPARK is a not-for-profit community dedicated to connecting, educating and strengthening tech ecosystems from Swindon to Swansea. We work with tech and digital businesses from startups to scaleups, SME’s to global corporations to help them thrive through our networks and knowledge

TechsPARK joins with over 35,000 people monthly; highlighting the best in tech in the West and bringing people together through events and programmes. Our TechSPARK Bath community is where we began as a group of founders and entrepreneurs who want to connect and share the amazing activity in our community. We’re still going strong a decade later!

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Knowledge & Connections

Connecting the right people at the right time to the right opportunities

From news and features to delivering dozens of events annually, our team showcases the best stories and learnings from right across our community. Join our Meetup Groups or meet our community managers to get connected. In Bath you can join our TechSPARK Bath community on Meetup


Developing and featuring top tech talent

We connect thousands of people with the very best jobs in tech in the West. Whether experienced talent searching our jobs board or people training through our training boot camps we want to make our community the world’s most exciting and inclusive SHIFT. In Bath we work partners to deliver the Digital Marketing Bootcamp, which supports people into the tech cluster locally. 


Find advice, founders or investors

Our team helps founders to start and scale their businesses with programmes that introduce them to the best entrepreneurial advice, other peers in the cluster and investors who want to back their venture.

See South West Founders & the Investment Activator Programme 

The Board

TechSPARK Board