Watershed, Bristol             Tuesday 11th October
Watershed, Bristol
Tuesday 11th October

We believe Cyber conferences should be fun and engaging – and open to all regardless of experience. At Bristol & Bath Cyber Conference we explore the industry through fun social engineering & gamification activities, encouraging everyone to participate through interactive events and real-world challenges.


Abby Taylor

Pixel Pioneers


Having began her career in Cyber working as a Cyber Research Analyst at CyNam, Abby has set up Project Pioneers, alongside two friends working as industry apprentices, with the purpose to bridge the gap between individual, institution and industry in the cyber sector.

Adrian Taylor


Cyber Start-ups CXO & Mentor

An experienced Cyber Security leader who builds diverse & inclusive security teams, helping them deliver outcomes by clarifying their vision, unlocking innovation and breaking down silos.

Andi Hudson


European Cyber Centre of Excellence Lead

Andi is an outgoing, highly motivated and keen blue-sky thinker and strategist. He continually looking at how new technologies will help to protect tomorrow's problems and to understand what will be the next security headache.

Andrew Woods


Digitalisation & Innovation Strategy Lead

Andrew Woods is a customer focused, action orientated Systems Engineer who enjoys working on complex systems integration projects.

Andy Seaborne


Lead Data Systems Engineer

Andy works in the area of storage and query of RDF data. He has been a specification editor in the SPARQL standardization process at W3C for both the original SPARQL 1.0 and SPARQL 1.1 query recommendations.

Awais Rashid

University of Bristol

Professor of Cyber Security

Awais Rashid is Professor of Cyber Security at University of Bristol where he heads the Cyber Security Group. He is editor-in-chief and principal investigator for CyBOK. His research interests are in security of cyber-physical systems, software security and human factors.

Clare Elford



Clare is the CEO of Clue. Clue is a cloud-based investigation case management and intelligence SaaS platform used by police, governments, and the private and not-for-profit sectors around the world to help counter serious and organised crime, corruption, safeguarding, environmental, financial, corporate, and global threats.

Darcy Delich Coull


A trained IP lawyer originally from Texas, Darcy has extensive experience and a driving passion for all things Online Brand Protection, whether that be IP incidents on social media and the wider web for well-known global brands to full-on financial fraud prevention/detection.

David Rogers MBE

Copperhorse & GSMA

CEO and Founder

David is a mobile phone and IoT security specialist. His company is currently focusing on product security for the Internet of Things as well as future automotive cyber security. David was awarded an MBE for services to Cyber Security in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2019.

Jenny Seaborne


Senior Software Engineer

Jenny is a Senior Software Engineer at Riskaware, as well as a founding member and chapter administrator for the Ladies of Cheltenham Hacking Society which runs technical security meet ups and provides support and networking for women in cyber security in the local area.

Lisa Forte

Red Goat Cyber Security.


Lisa is the co-founder of Red Goat Cyber Security, an exciting company who are changing the way we view preparing for attacks and are coming up with creative solutions for companies around the world.

Max Vetter

Immersive Labs

VP of Content / Chief Cyber Officer

Max has over 15 years experience in the cyber industry, and studied astrophysics at university before moving into a role in the Met police. It was here that he also started exploring open source intelligence which led to the Dark Web.

Nic Miller

Aedile Consulting

Virtual CISO

With over 15 years experience in cyber security, Nic attempts to be the voice of reason in a loud and confusing field. Beginning in the UK Government investigating threats to national security, he moved to the private sector to work within small financial services firms.

Sebastian Turano

Digital Catapult

Innovation Coordinator

Sebastian leads on the engagement for the Digital Security by Design Technology Access Programme and is one of the cohort managers for the programme.

Simon Shiu

HP Labs

Director of Security Research

Simon has been with HP Labs for over 20 years, leading a number of research teams and published several academic and professional articles on topics spanning secure hardware, trusted infrastructure, cloud computing, audit, governance, and the economics of information security.

Wenmiao Yu

Quantum Dice

Co-Founder & Director of Business Development

Wenmiao Yu is co-founder and Director of Business Development at Quantum Dice. She leads the team in creating the market for QRNGs with a personal focus on the telecommunications, space and IoT sectors.

Why you should attend Bristol & Bath Cyber Conference

  • Experience a full day of analysis, speakers, presentations, and workshops that explore the current state and future of the cyber security industry.


  • Hear from leading professionals, practitioners, and academics to explore the issues and challenges, and to celebrate the innovation and enterprise of the Cyber community in the region.


  • It is an opportunity to make new connections, join the discussion and learn about the current challenges, new solutions and the future of Cyber.

Immersive Labs, with Max Vetter

Max has over 15 years experience in the cyber industry. Having studied astrophysics at university he moved into a role in the Met police targeting industrial and commercial crime. Max leads the Immersive Labs Cyber Content team which creates the Labs and simulations so customers can assess their technical and non-technical cyber capabilities and prove their cyber workforce resilience.

Endpoint Security Innovation, with Simon Shiu

Security starts with the devices at the edge. One of the greatest challenges to protecting a business against cybercrime is the shape-shifting nature of security threats. Innovation is not the sole domain of the good guys: cyber criminals are constantly finding ingenious new ways to tunnel into consumer, enterprise and institutional IT systems. They are increasingly professional, more aggressively funded, and better-equipped than ever to exploit any weak link in the security chain.

Simon will explain how “design for cyber-resilience” can help to ensure that devices are not only built with protections, but can also reliably detect successful attacks, and recover from them.

Enterprise Security Awareness – Why People Are The Weakest Link, with Darcy Delich-Coull

When organisations assess their cyber security tools and objectives they often forget about the most important element in their defences: their workforce.

Darcy will explain why employees can be an organisations biggest vulnerability, and suggest some tools that can be used to mitigate the risks.

Sustainable Security, with Andi Hudson

The climate change crisis and global warming is at the top of the agenda for everybody, including businesses. Similarly, with Cyber Security also comes a responsibility to protect the systems that underpin our everyday lives.

In this presentation, Andi will talk about corporate responsibility to endure sustainable security systems that not only reduce impact on the environment, but also help to protect it.

Taking the big stick to security in the Internet of Things, with David Rogers MBE

Governments around the world are following the UK’s lead and taking action on IoT insecurity.

David Rogers takes the audience on a tour of the world and explains which countries are doing what and what it all means for stakeholders in the IoT ecosystem from hackers, to manufacturers through to users. He will then explain the relevant standards and the extensive work to ensure that there is a unified approach across the world.

An interview with Lisa Forte

Why Rail Is Critical National Infrastructure, with Andrew Woods

Digitalisation can help to make rail transport more efficient, more convenient, and safer. In an ever more digital world, understanding the importance of the railway networks to the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure has never been more essential or important.

Railways have evolved, though some of the trackside equipment hasn’t, and is over 100 years old. Find out why securing our railways is crucial and how Siemens Mobility are using data to develop systems to maintain secure engineering solutions.

Immersive Labs Crisis Simulator

Immersive Labs’ Cyber Crisis Simulator is an online solution that drops defenders into real-time cyber crises. The system challenges teams to make critical decisions when dealing with emerging incidents such as ransomware outbreaks, insider threats, data breaches, and spear-phishing attacks.

CyBOK – an introduction and future plans, with Awais Rashid

Awais will be speaking about CyBOK , the Cyber Security Body Of Knowledge. CyBOK inform and underpin education and professional training for the cyber security sector

The CyBOK project aims to bring cyber security into line with the more established sciences by distilling knowledge from major internationally-recognised experts to form a Cyber Security Body of Knowledge that will provide much-needed foundations for this emerging topic.

Why self-certifying Quantum Random Number Generators are crucial for next generation cybersecurity, with Wenmiao Yu Quantum Dice

We live in an increasingly digitised society that the World Economic Forum estimates will be connected by over 30billion devices in 2025. Huge amounts of sensitive data, whether personal or commercial, are secured by encryption algorithms. This presentation will explain why the self-certification feature will be crucial to the commercial development of this evolving technology.

Data integrating while preserving data security, with Andy Seaborne

Data owners want to be confident that the security of their data is preserved as data integration mixes data from different sources together.

This talk will present a data platform that provides data security at storage level by providing and checking security labelling on every data element in a Knowledge Graph.

Mind the gap – bridging the divide between software and cyber, with Jenny Seaborne

For too long there has been a disconnect between the software and cyber communities – software engineers write their code to add new features and hit tight deadlines, then security teams come in and tell them everything they’ve done is wrong and tear it all apart! As such, discontent arises and a gap emerges resulting in major vulnerabilities… This talk will look at why this divide exists, why it is an issue and how it can be bridged.

Benefits becoming a CyberFirst Ambassador, with CyberFirst

CyberFirst is designed to identify and nurture a diverse range of talented young people into a cyber security career.

Meet with the local CyberFirst team and find out how you can be part of the programme and inspire young people into want to work in our industry.

Microsoft 365 security cheat sheet, with Nic Miller

Learn practical tips and tricks to improve security of Microsoft 365, across all licence types and organisational sizes. We’ll cover conditional access, sensitivity labels & DLP, B2B guest users, protecting BYOD & company devices, defender, and improving MFA. Gathered from a range of real-world experience, learn from our mistakes so you don’t have to!

Building The Golden Age For Cyber – How the Golden Valley Development will shape the future of Cyber Ecosystems, Golden Valley Development

Cheltenham’s Golden Valley Development will play a vital role in the UK’s ambitions to become the safest place to live and do business online. Located adjacent to GCHQ, this will offer opportunities for academia, businesses and industry to collaborate, to develop new approaches and solutions, and to drive innovation and growth in the UK cyber sector.

The Future of Cybersecurity and CPU Architecture, with Digital Catapult

The Future of Cybersecurity and CPU Architecture, introducing the Morello Board and Digital Security by Design

Exploring Business & Stakeholder Empathy for Startups, Adrian Taylor

This is an interactive session that gives us a chance to reflect on the different personalities and characteristics of the stakeholders we work with, both within our own teams and with the businesses we support. By exploring our stakeholders in this way it helps us appreciate the differences in those we work with and by doing so, build more effective stakeholder relationships.

Founder Journeys Q&A

This session is a panel with founders and execs from some of the successful cyber businesses in the region. In the session, we’ll hear how their journey has been, their greatest challenges, what lessons they have learned and top tips for our attendees. Suggested panellists include.

How to stand out in a crowded cybersecurity marketplace, Nick Farrar and Tom Ovens

Why having a distinct brand identity is essential in a crowded market the challenges of visualising an intangible product like cybersecurity the clichés that inhabit the cybersecurity industry, and how to avoid them striking a balance between fear and positivity when communicating cybersecurity solutions.

Show me the money, Briony Phillips

  • The Basics of Attracting VC Investment 
  • Alternative Funding Routes
  • Analysis of Key Investors & Funds By Vertical
  • The Basics of What  Investors Are Looking For In Tech

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