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5 Days, 5 Amazing Themes

Look for inspiration, or decide which day you’d like to talk or showcase on.

Monday, Curiosity

Let’s investigate the future and explore new worlds – science fiction or in action already, using old tech in new ways, idea v reality. Today could be crystal ball gazing, or practical applications for exciting new solutions – let’s get excited about the future, starting right now.

Tuesday, Creativity

Technology is nothing without the story – we are a city of creatives, how has the story changed, our relationship with audiences and how will we engage in the future online and in person? Let’s use today to share our visions, showcase solutions and be creative.

Wednesday, Collaboration

We can change the world if we work together – we are a tech community built around collaboration, bringing ideas and passions together. Let’s use this day to look at the world differently, help each other, listen to each other and build a strong conversation.

Thursday, Critical Thinking & Celebration

What do we need in place for our technology revolution? The vision needs a strategy, it needs to be secure, well considered and ready for whatever the future brings. Let’s use today to get into the details, debate the challenges and discuss solutions.

Friday, Climate

Building a better world – our climate ranges from our mind to our planet, from micro changes at a personal level to global conversations – what can we do today for a better tomorrow? Today we bring the week together into the how – and what the next steps are for us all.