innovationNesta, the UK innovation charity, has recently carried out a survey with the aim to find out Britain’s attitude towards innovation.The findings from the nationwide survey (Innovation Population Report), which was carried out in partnership with ComRes, revealed that the “UK’s population can be grouped into five attitudinal groups distinguished by their attitudes to risk, pace of change, long-term planning and ethics”.

The socio-economic group most likely to be comfortable with the current pace of change in society is the more affluent groups – they tend to take more risks in their own lives and view risk taking as a key driver of progress. This group tend to understand long term planning and therefore they are more supportive of research and development.

According to the results from the survey, men and women differ on the intrinsic value of innovation. Women focus more on the practical benefits of innovation and have a greater interest in innovation in social care and education, whereas men are more interested in new ideas regardless of concrete outcomes and have a greater interest in science, technology, engineering and communication.

You can find out which innovator you are by taking the quiz and you can also download the full Innovation Population Report.

David Maher Roberts