School-Guide_logo-1_thumbmumsnet-logoSchool Guide and Mumsnet are today announcing a partnership to provide clear online school information combined with Mumsnet users’ first-hand experience of schools. The partnership aims to provide parents with the information they need alongside reviews from the people whose opinion they trust.

School Guide is a Bath-based web startup that presents the official data on 30,000 UK schools in a clear and concise way all in one place. The site’s infographic style and no-nonsense approach to school stats gives parents an easy way to search and compare schools based on their own location. Every school page offers headline performance data, Ofsted results and a summary star rating. This information will now be teamed with feedback from parents who know the schools first-hand and contribute via their Mumsnet local sites.

Justine Roberts, CEO of Mumsnet said, “We know our users really value the advice of fellow Mumsnetters, as the knowledge of someone who’s been there, done that is invaluable. Choosing a school is a big decision for any parent, so, with the help of the School Guide we’re combining the first hand experiences of parents with the most relevant online information to help make the choice a bit easier.”

School Guide’s CEO Victoria Bond added, “I’ve always admired the way Mumsnet pools knowledge to make parents’ lives easier. Schools and education are a key part of family life and I’m thrilled that we can share the massive amount of homework we have done on schools with Mumsnetters so that they can quickly and easily find key information on all their local options.”