silicon-gorge-shutterstock_Following the success of Silicon Gorge 1.0, where up-and-coming tech companies and investors from London, Wales, and the North East of England were brought together, the combined might of SETsquared, WebStart Bristol and (of course) TechSPARK will be organising a second investor day on 2 July, at 2pm.

After the proceedings had finished in March, director of the Engine Shed and host for the day Nick Sturge was “…delighted with how well the event went.” The success of the first investor day seems certain to be repeated this summer.

The second event will follow the same format of the first, with 15 to 20 startups presenting to a room of 30 to 40 investors in 5 minute slots. The audience will be restricted exclusively to investors and startups presenting on the day.

Potential candidates may wish to take note of the following: competition for presentation slots is fierce.

Of the 27 companies that gave a pitch at the last event, 10 belonged to SETsquared’s business incubator, 8 were from TechSPARK’s network and the remainder were from Bristol’s WebStart internet accelerator. A selection process is available for entrants who are not part of these programmes, however. There will be an opportunity to pitch to a group of judges in a ‘semi-final’ style at the Engine Shed on 25 June, from 5.30pm. The deadline for applying to this pitch is 20 June, at 6pm.

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