This summer, the Technology Strategy Board‘s programme ICTomorrow is hosting a competition where small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can be awarded up to £25k each to encourage digital innovation in the area of entertainment on the move in music, book and magazine publishing, and games/interactive entertainment.

They are looking for innovative commercial solutions that meet the broad objectives they have set in conjunction with their industry partners – the BPI (British Recorded Music Industry), the PA (Publishers Association), the PPA (Professional Publishers Association) and UKIE (UK Interactive Entertainment). The four strands of the competition are:

Although the briefing event has already passed, you still have until 29 June to apply. To do so, applicants need to join IC Tomorrow’s network and fill out the entry form.

The contest itself runs in two stages. First, applicants need to submit a video presentation of their idea. 12 candidates will then be chosen for the second stage of the competition – a final panel session which runs on 1 October. Judges will be present to listen to a pitch and then hold a Q&A session with the chosen few.

This competition presents a unique and outstanding opportunity to share ideas with major industry players, without losing intellectual property. On top of the chance to win the £25k prize, entering this fantastic competition will also give you the chance to have your idea brought to a commercial stage speedily with support, promotion and advice.