Audiowings Carl Thomas Bristol-based audio-development company Audiowings have developed a pair of wireless headphones which can connect to streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and Pandora. What’s more, you don’t need any other device to listen to your music.

Users upload their music to a cloud, which Audiowings’ headphones can connect to to via 3G, allowing access wherever service is available. You can also connect them to mobile devices.

Founder Carl Thomas alleges that his idea for the wearable device came after a series of unfortunate gym-related events; after tangling a pair of wired headphones around a barbell he almost dropped the bar. Thomas then invested in a pair of Bluetooth headphones, only to have the smartphone which the headphones were linked to stolen.

Audiowings is the product of Thomas’ frustrations with existing products and an extensive knowledge of the ‘internet of things’ developed while working in the telecommunications industry.

Sound of success

Since having a prototype developed by product designers Ignitec, also located in Bristol, Thomas reached the final of Virgin startups’ “#Pitch2Rich” competition. Although Audiowings didn’t take first place, the company won the People’s Award, which grants a mentoring program managed by established business experts and a small amount of funding. The award was given by an audience who watched the proceedings on a live stream.


Thomas has also conducted prototype testing at Goldsmith’s university, launched a crowdfunding campaign which has raised £6,600 of its £100,000 target and entered negotiations with investors and musicians. All the founder has said on the subject of these negotiations so far is that “…one of them has won a BRIT award and the other has an album in the top 10”.

According to Billboard, Audiowings are planning a UK launch in September, preceding a US sales push in early 2015. In the meantime, you can see Sky News’ coverage of Audiowings’ new product, follow Carl Thomas on twitter and keep an eye on Audiowings’ Crowdcube fundraiser.