The Bath Digital Festival is back for 2014 with a jam-packed 10-day array of digital and technology talks and workshops in Bath. And they are on the look out for people to get involved with the events: as a speaker, a host or sponsor.

Held between 27 Oct and 5 Nov this year the Bath Digital Festival seeks to offer the opportunity to be educated and inspired, while promoting both the region’s thriving tech scene and celebrating some of the region’s hidden gems.

Last year’s festival was an overwhelming success and this year looks set to be even bigger and better, with a few of the highlights this year including appearances from Smashing Conference, TedX Youth and the ever-popular tech awards, the Sparkies.

Digital for good

The overarching theme is Digital for Good, with a day dedicated to this topic, as well as the obvious counterpoint, Digital for Bad, held on Hallowe’en, which highlights threats online, privacy and security. These is also a Hallowe’en party in the evening, held at Chapel Arts with underground electro-pop duo Vile Electrodes, performing for the first time in Bath.

These events and more can be found on the still growing list of the events on offer on the Bath Digital Festival website.

Interested in hosting a session?

BDF_Blackbot_11_croppedWhile the Festival schedule is pretty full, if you are interested in speaking at or getting involved in any of the events, or know someone who would be a good speaker, there is still time for a few last additions – please see below for details on contacting the Festival team. Here’s some of the events/sessions you can get involved with:

Web Day

“An action-packed day of events on the modern web, offering techies and non-techies alike an opportunity to be educated, informed, and empowered.”

The festival organisers are looking for speakers to talk about new and emerging technologies, so if you are knowledgeable about recent frameworks, trends or working practices, they need you! Let them know!

New ways to enter the web – talk

A talk about relevant emerging technologies, what are they about and what do they offer?

This talk might include:
● Ghost+Basekit
● Heroku
● Node.js + Stack
● Internet of Things
● Composer
● Swift

If you are a web technology expert and are interested in giving the festival’s attendees an introduction to some new tech, then Bath Digital Festival wants to hear from you!


BDF_Blackbot_31Digital for Bad day

“With great power comes great responsibility; be educated, informed and empowered on keeping safe online, retaining your digital rights and safeguarding your privacy.”

This day of talks and workshops is designed to inform, educate and empower people; from simply keeping safe online to knowing how to thwart a cross-site scripting attack, you’ll hear from industry leaders on how big name businesses keep on top of cyber security in an ever-changing landscape.

The organisers are open to ideas for sessions, but are particularly looking for:

Large scale system security – Do you work at an organisation that has to deal with application security every day? What sort of attacks do you have to deal with? How do you keep your clients/customers safe?  Let them know!


Intro to cracking

The intention of this session is to offer exercises in using different attack methods, to help developers learn how to build systems with better security.

Are you interested in running a session to introduce web developers into the world of cracking? Let them know!

Become a Sponsor

BDF_Blackbot_23The Festival events are aimed at business leaders, techies, creatives, students and this year they are open to corporate sponsorship.

With a number of different packages available, sponsoring the Festival will allow you to showcase your brand to the national audience who visit Bath for the Digital Festival, and to a breadth of talented developers, designers and businesses incumbent in our region. Along with promoting your brand through visibility, there will also be a number of networking opportunities available.

By sponsoring The Bath Digital Festival 2014, you will:

  • reach around 3,000 people taking part in Bath Digital Festival
  • have logo placement on our website which had 35,000 views during the past festival
  • reach over 1,500 people currently working in digital in the region on the festival database
  • promote your brand to the top tech and digital companies in the region and beyond

Get in touch to get involved

If you would like to get involved as a speaker, host or sponsor get in touch with Oli Ward.


Jamie Middleton