Update: You can get a more up-to-date idea of where the Bebod story is now by checking out our profile: How Bebods took on the world from Bath, one body part at a time

bebodsHi, we’re Garry Pratt and Glyn Hayward, the guys behind new social startup bebods. It’s about to take its first steps in the big world as it prepares for a beta launch at Web Summit Dublin in November, having got through the Alpha selection process to get a free stand for hot startups.

Over the next six weeks in these blogs we’ll bare all and reveal the ups, downs, challenges and (hopefully) the successes of making it to Dublin.

Right now we’re building the tech, designing, building and rebuilding the bebods world, talking to possible partners, registering trademarks, emptying our bank accounts, cycling up hills to burn off stress and occasionally drinking beer. The normal stuff of startup life.

“Like many good ideas, bebods started out when we met at a tech event and got chatting and something clicked”

What is a BEBod?

A bebod is a digital you. A unique version of you online. Your online visual identity. Your bebod creates, customises and lives in bebod world. It hangs out with friends, plays games with friends; it even shares pictures, music and more with friends – all in a wonderfully rich visual social network for 7-12 yr olds.

But, your bebod can step out of this world. It can output creatively into models, stickers, merchandise, stationery and more. And, as a lovely little bit of digital DNA, it can enter other worlds, and other brands websites and games.

It could be huge.

An idea is born

Like many good ideas, bebods started out when we met and got chatting (actually at a BathSPARK event) and something clicked. Glynn had the creative vision and over the next few months we discussed business models and eventually took the plunge to start a business together.

To see what can happen due to a random conversation at a tech event check out our Bebods Facebook page. Post a picture there and you might even get your own bebod made!

Hopefully by following us on our route to Dublin, we can show you what’s it really like to be a new startup – along with all the trials and tribulations, and more importantly the wins and successes, that go with it.

And, if you’re planning to be at Web Summit, come find us, it would be great to talk to you.

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Bebods is the result of almost a year’s creative collaboration between Glynn Hayward (founder of BAFTA-awarding winning creative agency, Complete Control ) and Garry Pratt (co-founder of Teachit, a pioneer in UGC and freemium models in education).


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