Bath Digital Festival’s Web DayBath Digital Festival 2014 poste is set to feature an impressive lineup, with 8 world-class speakers and 2 workshops, looking to showcase cutting-edge technologies and emerging trends in the world of web.

The day’s events will offer techies and non-techies alike an opportunity to be educated, informed, and empowered.

Web design

Opening the day is Smashing Magazine’s co-founder and editor-in-chief, Vitaly Friedman, reflecting on 8 years of the magazine in the talk ‘I Want To Be A Web Designer When I Grow Up’, and how this simple blog evolved into a professional online publication. How did it happen? What lessons were learned along the way?

London-based Steve Workman then introduces us to some of the latest web technologies, and how we can deal with the ever-changing nature of the web in “Good developers copy, Great developers Steal”.

Ghosts and SEO

The day then allows attendants two options, either attend Gabor Javorszky’s Introduction to Ghost workshop to kick-start your use of Ghost’s Node.js CMS, or the opportunity to learn about the current state of SEO, why content is so important, and why organisations like the New York Times and Paypal are developing their own content management systems.

Guardian Beta

Speakers from The Guardian will then be talking about their project Building a CMS for the responsive web, with the recently relaunched The Guardian Beta.

The afternoon kicks off with the drive to making the web accessible by design, from Brighton-based Laura Kalbag.

Open Data

Following this, attendants will have a choice of two sessions again, with Robin Smith from Cloudant’s data workshop When structured data and relational systems don’t cut it, or Tom Heath’s Open Data: What is open data & why does it matter? talk.

This is followed by Dave Ellender’s talk on usability testing, and why everyone should do it.

Gain insight from all of these industry leaders for only £15! Tickets are available here.