clean-and-cool-mission-2015-logoIndustrial Phycology, who specialise in using environmentally friendly algae to treat waste water, have been shortlisted to win a free place at the prestigious Clean and Cool Mission in San Francisco, January 2015.

The Clean and Cool Mission 2015 aims to bring together up to 20 of the UK’s top ‘cleantech’ companies looking for investment to develop innovative solutions regarding environmental concerns from ‘clean’ energy to low impact buildings, low carbon transport and waste management.

Industrial Phycology who are based at the University of Bath Innovation Centre, are developing ways of using algae to utilise the nutrients and minerals found in waste water. As algae naturally consume these nutrients and minerals, as well as absorbing harmful CO2 to enable the algae to grow and reproduce, it can be recycled and used as fertiliser or as bio energy source.

In addition to this, the algae is removing the harmful substances in waste water, proving itself as more environmentally friendly way to treat waste water and reduce carbon emissions.

“Being able to attend the Clean and Cool Mission would be a huge boost for our development, and really keep the ball rolling on the great pace we have set over the last year”

dan-murrayWe caught up with Dan Murray (pictured left), the Managing Director at Industrial Phycology to ask how they found out about the Clean and Cool Mission and what they hope to achieve from attending. Dan explained: “We heard about the Clean and Cool Mission from the UKTI representative who is in-house every few weeks at the innovation centre.

“Being able to attend the event would be a huge boost for our development, and really keep the ball rolling on the great pace we have set over the last year. It will allow us to interact with major organisations and individuals working in both investing / developing companies and technology. As well as major suppliers and end-users operating in a range or relevant markets and nations.”

Sounds great doesn’t it? As they’re the only South West company in with a chance of getting to a sponsored place at the conference, they need your votes!

Get involved yourself

Also, if you’re a ‘cleantech’ company there’s still time to apply to attend the Clean and Cool Mission 2015. As explained on their website: ‘A contribution of £2,000 will be requested from winning companies to contribute towards flights and accommodation which is then subsidised thereafter by both public and private funding as support to early stage and innovative technologies.’

Thinking about applying? Find out what the team at Clean and Cool Mission are looking for:

Is this entrepreneurial mission for you? Check out the video below to find out what the Clean and Cool alumni have to say:

Want to know how the Clean and Cool Mission will pan out? Take a peek at the agenda below: ccm-scope

Entries for the Clean and Cool Mission 2015 close on 20 October 2014. You can follow Industrial Phycology on Twitter at @IndPhycology.