This week, SETsquared announced a new psetsquaredartnership with four Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), aiming to deliver ‘more effective and better value healthcare technologies’ in the South West.

SETsquared, an organisation supporting high tech start-up companies and providing student enterprise, will oversee an extensive programme launched to accelerate cost-effective innovation in healthcare across the region, benefitting patients and the health economy.

In the first round of this new partnership, up to 300 participants will be offered access to seminars, 3-day courses, tailored coaching and mentoring by SETsquared.

What’s an AHSN?

The AHSNs were founded by NHS England last year, and have a brief to improve population health and generate economic growth in England. Since they were launched, the AHSNs have brought together universities and industry, identifying, testing and implementing improvements to the health service.

“This initiative will provide a major boost to innovation locally, and is a great example of how AHSNs can take advantage of local centres of excellence like SETsquared”


Simon Bond, the head of SETsquaredIn the last 11 years SETsquared has developed over 1000 high-tech startups that have generated some £1bn in investment. It is named by the UBI as the joint best university incubator in Europe and 4th best globally.

Innovation Director of SETsquared Simon Bond (pictured left), said: ‘We have extensive experience of helping innovators get their ideas off the ground. We are excited to participate in a programme of this scale and ambition.’

Director of Enterprise and Translation, West of England AHSN Lars Sundstrom, said: ‘This initiative will provide a major boost to innovation locally and is a great example of how AHSNs can work together to take advantage of local centres of excellence like SETsquared.’

What regions are covered?

The programme will be available in the regions covered by the Kent, Surrey and Sussex, South West, Wessex and West of England AHSNs. The universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey make up SETsquared, and are now members of the four AHSNs.

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