natter-bbcThis article should just say “Natter on BBC” and stop there to enter properly into the spirit of this micro-blogging social network, but we thought we’d better give you a little more information…

Natter, a startup based in Bath, is a Twitter-like social network, but one where you need to be very creative indeed as you have to encapsulate everything you want to convey in just three words.

It was featured on BBC Click over the weekend. You can see the episode on BBC iPlayer (they start talking about Natter at about 18:54).

Natter upgrades galore

In other news Natter has just upgraded its apps (Android and iOS) to provide notifications and to allow you to share your natters straight to Facebook and Twitter.

You can find us on Natter: @techspark. Why not pop by and have a (short!) conversation? You can also download Natter as an iOS app or Android app, and follow Natter on Twitter to hear about the latest updates.