The current affairs gaming site Game the News site has been included in the 2014 Nominet 100 – a list of technology organisations, companies and individuals doing amazing things for the social good with tech.

According to the Nominet 100 listing, the site was chosen because: “Game the News’ uniqueness is in the sheer topicality of the subjects it covers: so it’s marrying games development with journalism.”

Gaming the news

Game the News is a project of Bristol-based games studio Auroch Digital. They are making one game a day for a year based on news stories. The plan is to use the games to increase people’s understanding and interest in current affairs.

“We want to marry technology with world events”


“There’s a stereotype that gamers are disconnected from the world,” explains Thomas Rawlings from Auroch Digital, “but it’s not the case. We want to marry technology with world events.

“It allows an event to be explored in ways that linear media can’t do so well. For example, in Endgame: Syria you can replay events, making different decisions to see the different outcomes.”

You can see more about Endgame Syria, an interactive exploration of events unfolding in Syria today, and more about the Game the News project in the video below:

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