cloudfind-screenshotBath-based tech startup Cloudfind, previously supported by the business incubator University Of Bath Innovation Centre, today announced the launch of a new cloud‐based app designed to help millions of businesses collaborate more quickly and efficiently.

Businesses who already use Dropbox or Google Drive can use Cloudfind to locate relevant information much faster. In fact, Cloudfind’s automatic classification technology means that 90% of everyday searches for business files can be satisfied within 5 seconds or less.

Automatic tagging

Cloudfind automatically tags files as they are uploaded to Dropbox or Google, according to the projects, customers, programs or other topics they relate to. Users can then browse for relevant files by using tags, returning precisely relevant results.

“Cloudfind turns a 10‐minute activity into 3 clicks”


In one recent example, Cloudfind was used to automatically categorise 3TB of digital media assets stored in Dropbox, auto‐discovering over 1,600 separate tags. This meant that the entire library could be browsed simply and efficiently by anyone in the organisation, without routing requests to an administrator or deploying an expensive digital asset management system.

“We now have highly sophisticated ways of sharing files,” commented Cloudfind CEO Sebastian Toke‐Nichols. “But what’s preventing truly effective collaboration is the time it takes to get to what’s relevant in any particular context. Cloudfind turns a 10‐minute activity into 3 clicks.”

You can see more about Cloudfind’s app or sign up for a free trial on Cloudfind’s website. You can follow them on Twitter too: @cloudfindhq.