clusterhq-the-container-peopleInvestors who have previously helped Facebook, Spotify and Groupon grow have turned their attention to Bristol-based software company ClusterHQ, providing $12 million worth of funding to help the cutting-edge tech company to expand.

ClusterHQ, set up by Luke Marsden and Rob Haswell, specialise in data management using ‘containers’ allowing databases, queues and other data storage to be easily moved around, just as easily as you can move apps from one device to another. This helps reduce the amount of time it takes to build and run software, giving firms who adopt container platforms a competitive advantage.

They have clearly hit on an idea that has legs: Their Docker container platform went from under 3 million downloads in June 2014 to 100 million in January 2015. They also have an open-source project called Flocker, launched in August 2014, which lets developers run their databases inside Docker containers and make them as portable as the rest of the app.

Time to expand

The money from investors Accel Partners and Canaan Partners will be used  to expand technical and go-to-market resources to help organisations use containers in production and to expand the firm in the US. They are also looking for people in Bristol too, having moved their Bristol team into new offices at Temple Quay.

They clearly love the city, as Luke told the Bristol Post, “Bristol is the best city to live in the country, it is great place to be young because it is a creative fun place to live.

“Bristol seems to attract talented people working with the latest ideas and technology”


“As well as that there is a cluster of tech companies here, it is a real hotbed of talent. It is the city to be in if you want to work in the area. Bristol seems to attract talented people working with the latest ideas and technology.”

You can see more about Docker on the ClusterHQ website, and as they are expanding in Bristol, it’s worth checking out their jobs page too. You can also follow them on Twitter: @clusterhq 


Jamie Middleton