Bristol 2015, the company organising the events for Bristol’s year as European Green Capital, is supporting a Greentech Camp at Easter for 9-14 year olds. The Greentech camp is based on the Fire Tech Camp ethos of encouraging children to explore creativity, technology and critical thinking by making games, designing hardware and coding, but with an added green twist.

What’s more there are scholarship places available for half the places on the 3-day courses, meaning your child could be learning all these great skills for free!

Encouraging green tech

Sonny Masero, Bristol 2015 International Green Technology Festival Advisor explains: “Green technology is at the forefront of conserving the natural environment – something that will have a profound effect on future generations.”

“We are looking forward to seeing what these future coders and programmers come up with”


“We are delighted to be supporting a dedicated Greentech Camp as part of Bristol 2015’s International Green Technology Festival – which includes funding half of the places to make the camp as accessible as possible – and we are looking forward to seeing what these future coders and programmers come up with.”

The Greentech Camp courses

The courses available are shown below:

 Video Game Design Greentech Camp course

greencamp-videogames7 Apr to 10 Apr – Cost £350 (but scholarships available)

Love video games? Learn to build them!

This course will provide you with the tools and skills to create your own video games to play on the web or your smartphone. This is a class for all abilities and ages.

Students learn the key elements of game design:

  • Telling A Story: storyboarding and structuring your game
  • Platform Basics: using the GameSalad environment
  • Graphics: Graphic design basics for your character(s)
  • Control: Applying behaviours and attributes to characters
  • Testing: Testing, de-bugging, perfecting your program
  • That’s a Wrap! Take your game home, access anywhere online


Hardware / Physical Computing: Getting started with Arduino Greentech Camp course

greencamp-hardware7 Apr to 10 Apr – Cost £350 (but scholarships available)

This is where electronics and computer programming meet, to create exciting sensors and devices that interact with the world around you!

Using Arduino, this course teaches the basics of physical computing to teenagers aged 12+.

The Arduino course will cover:

  • Introduction: The programming environment, the language used and blinking LEDs
  • Actuators: Simple digital toggles, transistor-based switches and pulse width modulation (motors)
  • Sensors: Analogue (light sensors using LDR) and digital (temperature or humidity sensors)
  • Communication: Wired and wireless communication between devices and more conventional computers


Teen Coding With Python Greentech Camp course 

greencamp-python7 Apr to 10 Apr – Cost £350 (but scholarships available)

Get familiar with Python, one of the most widely-used and widely-taught programming languages in senior schools, universities and businesses, and learn to code from the ground up.

This course is for teenagers aged 14+ looking to get a grasp on coding fundamentals while building the confidence and skills to go onto code independently.

The course will cover:

  • Fundamentals of coding: Key concepts and structure of languages and projects
  • Project design: Theory and practice for designing a simple game or app
  • Coding: Participants will learn to code in Python, work on mini-projects, building graphical interfaces, games and problem-solving routines.


Click here to find out more about applying for a Greentech Camp scholarship – but hurry, places are limited. You can find out about more about Bristol 2015 events and news on Twitter by following #Bristol2015.

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