Bristol-based IdeaSquares, the crowdsourced feedback and support platform for early stage business ideas, has already reached 50% of its latest Seedrs Crowd-funding campaign. With two successful crowd-funding rounds under its belt and with it now raising the last portion of crowd-funded investment via, you only have a few days left to join in its success.

“We have already built a strong brand and identity with almost 4000 ideas submitted from 76 countries”


kirsty ranger

We spoke to the founder of IdeaSquares, Kirsty Ranger (pictured left), to find out more about the startup: “IdeaSquares believes that everything starts with an idea and every idea deserves the chance to grow,” Kirsty tells us. “IdeaSquares is a platform to crowdsource feedback and support for early-stage business ideas. We have already built a strong brand and identity with almost 4000 ideas submitted from 76 countries.”

Kirsty is upbeat about the future, and with investors repeatedly agreeing that IdeaSquares is going places in various previous funding rounds, we are not surprised: “IdeaSquares is securing exciting partnerships with big brands and is bridging their audience with those brands. IdeaSquares is proud to be born out of Bristol, but have a truly global reach and huge ambitions.

ideasquares-website Providing a platform for promoting and helping to develop global business ideas

“Having already closed two successful funding rounds we have recently expanded our team, recruiting a new CTO. This, coupled with the support of our partners means that IdeaSquares’ platform is quickly evolving to host open innovation challenges and brand-sponsored ideation competitions.”

IdeaSquares’ previous crowd-funding rounds have closed in just a few days so don’t miss out on this final chance to share in IdeaSquares’ success. Shares start at just £21.44 and there are less than 1,000 remaining.

For more information about IdeaSquares, see the IdeaSquares website, follow @ideasquares on Twitter or contact founder Kirsty Ranger.

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