Natter, the three-word social media platform, has updated both its Android and iOS apps to allow users to add pictures and hyperlinks to your three-word nanoblogging. Users or “natterers”, of which there are almost 10,000 out there, can respond to natters creating visual 3-word picture conversations.

Craneworks is a community project which plans to turn the derelict Stothert & Pitt factory buildings located between Lower Bristol Road and the river into a world-class Centre for Invention.

They say a picture paints 1,000 words, and that’s pretty important if you are being challenged to communicate what you want to say in only three of them!

Now with pictures


“The thing we have been consistently asked for since starting has been pictures”


neil-stanley -natterNeil Stanley, Natter’s CEO (pictured left), explains: “The thing we have been consistently asked for since starting has been pictures. So we spent a lot of time working out how best to add this and are really pleased with the thumbnail format.

“This allows the three words to remain the focus along with a glimpse of the picture. The user can then click on the picture to see an enlarged Instagram style view.”

He adds: “We also decided to make hyperlinks an alternative to pictures rather than risk cluttering natter with both the way some other networks are. Also the hyperlink becomes a neat little icon rather than an ugly long url string.”

This is just the first in a series of planned enhancements. Neil tells us: “Coming very soon we will have a public API allowing the addition of all sorts of data services. If anyone is interested in using the API please contact

Duke likes natter

In other rather exciting news, Natter has also just received royal approval, being name Entrepreneur of the Week by the Duke of York. All we can say is “Nicely done, natter!”


You can find us on Natter: @techspark. Why not pop by and have a (short!) conversation? You can also download Natter as an iOS app or Android app, and follow Natter on Twitter to hear about the latest updates.

And talking of entrepreneurs, time is running out for you to register to see amazing and innovation creative tech from the West of England region: Venturefest Bristol & Bath.