Check out the all-new-and-improved TechSPARK events calendar designed to make it even easier to help you find tech events happening in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas. Finding a place to go and geek out has never been easier!

To help you find events perfect for you, you can now find and filter our events calendar by categories such as ‘gaming’ or ‘coding’, by location or by specific event providers using the tags. You can see and choose these filters from the dropdown below the highlighted events pictured here:


We have organised the different events into the main themes of that event (or usual themes of regular events) and you can see a list of the different categories below:


 aerospace-shutterstock_264183983Aerospace  mobile-shutterstock_186867485Mobile
 businessshutterstock_290045204Business   Networking
coding_shutterstock_244439545Coding  open-source-shutterstock_157123775Open Source
data_shutterstock_264897110Data  project-management-shutterstock_215486695Project Management
 eco friendlyshutterstock_79949137-300x272Eco friendly  startups-shutterstock_223062301Startups
 education Education technology-shutterstock_180922205 Technology
 gamingshutterstock_265445765Gaming  uxUX
 health_shutterstock_202510648Health  virtual_reality_shutterstock_283289381Virtual Reality 
 media_shutterstock_228420109Media web-design-shutterstock_246492166Web and Internet 

If the events of a particular meetup of workspace catches your eye and you want to see just the events being run by them, as mentioned above, clicking on the appropriate tag will let you see all the events from a particular meetup or group.

The TechSPARK events calendar is built for you guys, so if you have suggested categories or improvements get in touch. You will soon be able to add your own events, but in the meantime, if you aren’t on there, and you think you should be, let us know!