Bristol startup YellowDog, who raised over 90% of its crowd-funding campaign in less than a week, has just won university incubator SETSquared‘s annual Bristol Innovation Showcase.

YellowDog plans to take the spare processing power from people’s computers and offers it to 3D animators, giving them their own virtual supercomputer to improve how they render animations, then the computer owners are paid for the use of their hardware or can nominate a charity to benefit in their place.

“It is a privilege to be in Bristol at the moment – we are on the ascent of a ‘hockey-stick’ curve of the economy”


The startup beat nine other competitors in a series of elevator pitches where you get 60 seconds to sell your business (based on the time it takes to ride an elevator). You can see his winning pitch here:

Co-founder Gareth Williams (who gave the speech and is pictured above on a slide with his award!) tells us: “I was really pleased to win, humbled by the support, and also a little surprised – especially given the strength and success of the other businesses that pitched, and the calibre of the other presenters.”

And there was strong competition when you look at some of the other companies involved on the day – including local tech offerings like discount food and drink app Wriggle, social network Neighbourly, crowd-funding and funding consultation company Fundsurfer, and visual and tactile wearable digital media producers Physidigi.

Nick Sturge, Director of Bristol SETsquared, said: “I continue to be amazed by the ambition and resourcefulness of entrepreneurs that we see coming to us and that we help to accelerate. We have had a terrific year and I don’t expect any let up going forward. It is a privilege to be in Bristol at the moment – we are on the ascent of a ‘hockey-stick’ curve of the economy.”

Congratulations to YellowDog! If you’d like to learn more about the startup then you can read up on it at the YellowDog website. You can follow them on Twitter @yellowdogltd as well, and whilst you’re at it why not say hello to us @techSPARKuk!