Bristol-based BookingLive is here to support your business to do transactions online, and their intention is to make things as simple as possible. The company assists in managing businesses in an array of areas including schedules, customer data, online payments and, most obviously, bookings, to allow its customers more time for more important matters.

“Our booking software integrates with electronic point of sale hardware so our clients are able to make use of membership card printing and scanning”


We spoke to the Vinnie Morgan, the founder of BookingLive, to tell us a little more about how the company got started: “Our company originated as a digital agency,” explains Vinnie, “but grew to focus exclusively on online booking systems when there became an unprecedented demand for our software. The first booking system we set up was for a zorbing company, but we’ve since gone on to work with a wide range of clients, including local councils, schools and international activity centres!”

Getting to know you

Vinnie is very keen on the personal touch when doing business: “We provide more of a personal service than other booking software suppliers. We don’t offer a free platform, as we feel it’s important to get to know each and every one of the businesses we work with so we can design their booking system around them. With four main booking software packages, we’re perfect for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can start with a basic plan and upgrade as their business grows, without having to worry about their data getting lost.”

This video below explains the fundamental principles behind BookingLive:

So why Bristol?

When asked if there have been any advantages to being located in Bristol, it is a resounding yes from Vinnie: “Having our BookingLive HQ in the city comes with a whole host of benefits. For starters, it maintains staff satisfaction as we are right in the heart of Bristol’s food and drink scene! Bristol is also great for travel, we are easily able travel by train to see our clients who are based in cities such as London. We even have an airport so we can visit clients who are based in locations such as Edinburgh.”

“As Bristol is the second largest tech cluster in the UK outside of London, there are a whole load of connections, events and resources which are easily accessible”


“Our basis in Bristol has also been great for keeping us up to date with the technology scene,” Vinnie adds. “As Bristol is the second largest tech cluster in the UK outside of London, there are a whole load of connections, events and resources which are easily accessible.”

Widespread success

Booking-Live---The-Future-of-Online-BookingBookingLive has been active for an impressive 7 years, in which time it has been able to develop an established company with a long list of accomplishments.

Since the re-launch of BookingLive Version 2 in 2009, the company has continued to make rapid progress. One of their most recent projects was to launch BookingLive Version 3, which includes the ability to easily navigate the site on your mobile or tablet – something vital for businesses in our smart phone era! Vinnie elaborates: “Our online booking software is fully mobile ready. This makes it easier for our clients’ customers to complete the booking journey, as well as making it easier for our clients in terms of accessing their admin system. BookingLive can be used on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.”

Consistent innovations are made to the company, exemplified in their EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) launch in 2013, “As our booking software integrates with electronic point of sale hardware our clients are able to make use of technology, such as membership card printing and scanning. This is especially useful for businesses such as leisure centres. It’s also handy for businesses who run events, as EPOS can be used to quickly and accurately check guests in through wireless barcode scanners.”

“We are really proud to say we’re based in Bristol and want to become more and more involved with the city”


Alongside this, BookingLive have won numerous awards including Best Technology in 2009, Awarded a Place in SW Top 100 Creative Companies in 2010, Best Business in 2010 and Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010.

Connections to the European Green Capital 2015

BookingLive wants to build on its relationship with Bristol after being the official booking system provider for Bristol 2015‘s free sustainability workshops in schools, which aimed to engage future generations in being an advocate for eco-friendly energy. On BookingLive’s website, it explains “The driving force for searching for an online booking system that was fit for purpose was to recognise that teachers have a limited amount of time to make bookings and often will work online after office hours and at weekends.” BookingLive fit the bill for this project and aided the scheme very positively.

Following their success with the Members Event in 2014, BookingLive hope to host a similar event in Bristol this year and are already deliberating with their connections resulting from Bristol 2015. Currently the company wishes to use the Bristol Lab space on the harbourside, owned by their Bristol 2015 client.

BookingLive tells us, “We are really proud to say we’re based in Bristol and want to become more and more involved with the city.”

We would like to thank Vinnie for taking the time to talk to us about BookingLive. For additional information go to the BookingLive website  or contact them directly through email: For careers enquires go to BookingLive Careers

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