Do you want to help build a talent base in the West of England by helping fresh young minds develop their tech skills as an intern in your company? FutureSPARK academy, a partnership between TechSPARK and Bath College, is a talent programme drawing on the talent in Bath College and looking to place it in local companies who can help nurture that talent, and in return receive exclusive access to the latest elite students ready and willing to fill your employment gaps and skills needs.

“Colleges are the skills engine room for economic growth and development”


Matt Atkinson, Principal, Bath College explains: “We all know that our local tech companies are in constant need of new talent. We also know that these businesses are crucial to the economic growth of the West of England. Thus far discussions about talent and skills have largely focused on university graduates and this one dimensional focus has failed to recognise the talent that exists at technician level in local colleges.

“Colleges are the skills engine room for economic growth and development. In the area of tech, Bath College can provide technician level talent in areas such as programming, animation, film making, graphic design, social media and front line support.”

FutureSPARK Academy is looking for companies interested in offering 3-month placements for two days a week to hand-picked second-year students from a variety of courses including computing, media and graphics all with ambitions to work within the tech and creative industries. In return you will gain access to the latest tech talent allowing you to vet and train them specifically for the gaps you may need to plug in your business, now or in the future.

If this sounds like something your company would be keen to get involved in, please register your interest for the scheme at the Future Spark Academy website to get the chance to be invited to our FutureSPARK Academy information event on 6 October.