First up we’d like to say a huge thank you to all of those who have contributed and provided us with the information that has helped shape ADLIB’s salary, benefit and engagement survey for the technology and development sector.

The survey has provided us with a wealth of insight and we hope it will be a valuable tool for employers and employees alike.

“Family and friends as well as lifestyle are the top reasons for people from South West deciding to stay here”


Tech Survey Light Bulb - TechSPARK embedded Whilst the results provide a comprehensive guide to the permanent salaries and contract rates that are being paid across the region, the survey also delves into employee engagement and acquisition, retention and training from an employer perspective.

When it comes to employees we’ve questioned how secure and satisfied people feel, what the factors are that would entice change, how engaged people are and why people opt for a life as a contractor (to name just a few).

To get you started….

The survey reveals:

  • Tech Survey result image - TechSPARK embeddedIn their current role, 71.4% of permanent employees that responded work with coding language JS, 69.8% with HTML5 and 50.8% with PHP and SQL
  • A whopping 90.9% of employers said that finding technology and development talent is a challenge
  • 9% of contractors state that they would take a permanent role if the right thing showed itself
  • Family and friends as well as lifestyle are the top reasons for people from South West deciding to stay here. However, 21.3% of those who relocated have been enticed by the career opportunities available, with lifestyle also a clear pull at 31.9%
  • Only 33.7% of respondents enjoy attending events and networking, however 51.1% feel that there are enough networking events taking place

The full survey is free for all to access and enjoy, please follow this link to download your copy now. You can see more tech news and analysis on the ADLIB website and can follow ADLIB on Twitter here: @AdLibRecruit 

Image credit: Freepik