Launched this month, is a complete listing of all public events happening in Bath. If you want to know what’s on today, or in the future, there’s no need to check half a dozen websites – it collects every event into one place so you can easily find something to do.

“I thought It’d be good to have a single place to check that listed every event, so I built it!”


tom and blispa beaconsWe caught up with Tom Fletcher (pictured right), the person behind, to find out why he created it. He tells us: “I kept finding out about events after they happened, and got tired of checking many sites (meetup, eventbrite, visitbath, many many pubs and venues own sites and so on.) to find out what was on. So I thought It’d be good to have a single place to check that listed every event. After talking to people it seems they have the same problem, so I built it!”

Tom’s keen to make sure every event is covered: “Tell your friends! If there’s an event that isn’t listed, let me know. Soon there will be a way to add your own events so you can help us get to 100% of events!”

And this is just the start for Every.Event today, as Tom says: “I have a lot of features I’d like to add. Top of the list is the ability to filter or get notifications when there’s a new event you’d be interested in. I’d also like to allow people to submit their own events.

“I plan to make the event data available to other sites through an API so they can improve their own listings. After that I’d like to spread to other cities, Maybe other countries eventually!”

Tom, by day a developer for Bath-based location-aware iBeacon tech company Blispa, is no stranger to events either: “I go to a lot of tech meetups. I’m on my way to one as I write this from my phone! Bath:Hacked is one of the best tech events in Bath. They focus on making open data available and accessible, which enables people to build things like EveryEvent. I’m using some of their data to feed temporary event notices into the site.”

You can check out everything happening in Bath right now at the website and you can follow Tom for updates on the site on Twitter: @thomasfletcher. Oh, and if you are looking for tech and innovation events specifically, don’t forget you can use our TechSPARK calendar  to find those too…