Whatever the size, a business making a bad hire can be a costly exercise. Not only financially, the impact (and in particular to a startup or SME) can cause havoc to the business model, internal relationships, project delivery, time lost through the recruitment process – the list goes on!

“If our people’s behaviours mirror our business’ behaviours, together we should win”


Our recent South West Technology Employment Survey highlighted that the lack of skills available within the Tech sector had prevented business growth. This is a serious issue. Take the specific instance of interviewing a developer who ticks all the right boxes on paper, but face to face you have a nagging doubt that the fit isn’t right. What do you do?

At ADLIB, we feel your pain. There are 100s of recruiters out there, however we too have similar challenges in tracking down the ones that fit our mould – it’s not an easy task, we can tell you. Over time, we’ve developed a system that helps. It may just do the same for you.

Whilst it may sound simple, the key is holding tight and ensuring that you’ve covered all angles, opening up where the risks may lie.

Naturally, we need to ensure that the person’s skills and abilities are up to scratch first. There are criteria to be met to ensure the role can be fulfilled successfully, and identifying where training and development may be required from the outset.

Behaviour match needed

Secondly, we come to the equally important bit – behaviours. We want our people to have their own characteristics, we’re not robots, however underneath we all need to share the same behaviours and values. If not, there are likely to be challenges somewhere along the line. If our people’s behaviours mirror our business’ behaviours, together we should win.

ADLIB’s behaviours and values:

  • Honest – We always tell the truth, we’re up front, we tell it as it is
  • Knowledgeable – We know our markets and clients like the back of our hands, true consultants in every sense of the word
  • Straightforward – We keep it simple, we don’t over complicate things
  • Progressive – We never stand still, we embrace opportunity and change
  • Commitment – We’re committed to delivering and achieving everything we set out to

Ask the candidate outright to share their behaviours, their values, their ambitions. If they match your business’ you should be on to a winner.

Gabby Shaw