Bath-based Tech Love & Care, a startup that is trying to help people get the most out of their technology and digital services in a non-biased way, are hosting their second investment roadshow at the Guild Co-working Hub in Bath on Thursday 15 October between 2 and 8pm.

“Tech Love & Care want to make technology work for people not the other way around”


The event is designed to showcase what the company does, but in a fun way – it’s not a typical tech roadshow. Dan Whiting, Tech Love & Care’s Chief Operating Officer explains: “For a company with the word ‘tech’ in their name we are actually making the roadshow a little ‘old school’ with easels and boards showing an insight into Tech Love & Care. It’s an immersive experience where people attending can meet the team in a relaxed, informal environment and be taken on a journey of how technology touches our lives in so many ways – from the way we communicate to the way we stay healthy – and show how we fill a big gap in the market of making technology work for people not the other way around.”

The event will also promote its Crowdcube campaign where it has already achieved over 30% of its target in just six days.

This is Dan’s second roadshow at The Guild and he is looking forward to it: “It’s great to talk to people about the business and share experiences of situations where tech has opened up someone’s world but equally where it has caused frustrations.”

“The Guild Coworking Hub has been so supportive and accommodating with many of our mad requests”


The venue for the event is no accident either: “The Guild Coworking Hub has been such a big part of the Tech Love & Care journey and Tatjana who runs the Hub has been so supportive and accommodating with many of our mad requests. Although we now have our own lovely offices we were actually based at The Guild in the early days so it feel like home from home.”

There is more info on the event on The Guild’s website. You can see more info on Tech Love & Care at the Tech Love & Care website