Fancy taking a look inside Bath’s coworking space The Guild hub? Well it couldn’t be simpler, as you can now explore its office spaces on Google Maps. From the Never Bored Room to the main Engine Room, you can get a real flavour of what it’s like to work in this tech, digital and creative working space located slapbang in the centre of Bath.

tatjanaWe spoke to Hub Manager Tatjana Humphries (pictured right) to find out how The Guild Hub ended up being featured on Google Maps, and unsurprisingly, in such a collaborative working space, the idea initially came from one of the residents: “A few months ago one of our members (Jack McConnell) mentioned that he had become aware that a growing number of businesses were inviting Google to do a ‘Business View’ of their spaces, as a creative and tech workspace this sounded like an opportunity we couldn’t pass up!

“With the Business View you can capture the whole space, so people can see what it’s actually like to work here”


“Firstly we found a certified photographer based in Bath – Andy Fletcher. I contacted him to see if this would be suitable for The Guild and this week Andy came over and spent around 1hr 30mins taking photos. In the past we have often struggled to show the rooms off here – we can either get the height or the width, but not both. With the Business View you can capture the whole space, so people can see what it’s actually like to work here.”

Who’s Wally?

wally at the guild coworking hubAs you explore the building, you may notice all the Guild residents strike a remarkable resemblance to the star of the Where’s Wally books! Tatjana fills us in on why: “We decided to have a bit of fun! Google aren’t able to show faces on Business Views, therefore they blur faces out – we decided we should try and do something a bit special and therefore we thought we should all wear masks… after much debate we decided to go with ‘Where’s Wally’ masks and our new Front Of House Alice spent her first few days creating these for us.

“As you can see some of the members decided to go the extra step by wearing striped tops and by bringing in their own crazy masks – that’s Simon Thompson [founder of Change Nation] in the donkey’s head!”

Click here to see The Guild on Google Maps. And if you want a physical look around, just get in contact via The Guild website or on Twitter @coworkingbath  – they let you have a free two-day trial to see if it’s the place for you! The Guild also holds loads of tech events which are worth checking out – not to mention our own BathSPARK events!”