Patrick Lincoln founded Bristol-based Solution IP in 2006. The young entrepreneur’s vision was to embrace new technologies to help his clients future-proof their businesses, and his team is now established as one of the region’s leading providers of Unified Communications.

 “We believe that every business in the Bristol area should have access to high-speed, good-quality broadband, and we’re working closely with the council to achieve this”


The communications landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade, with companies moving towards Internet-based solutions rather than traditional landlines, thanks largely to the vast improvements in broadband speed, connectivity and reliability.

Solution IP has been proactive in this shift towards Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), encouraging local firms to take advantage of the Bristol Connection Vouchers scheme – a government-backed initiative that allows medium-sized enterprises to apply for £3,000 grants when upgrading to superfast broadband.

Patrick states: “We believe that every business in the Bristol area should have access to high-speed, dedicated, good-quality broadband, and we’re working closely with the council to achieve this.”

Bristol City Council has been awarded a £40million fund to become a ‘super-connected city’, but the scheme is set to end in 2016 (or as soon as the money runs out), so interested parties should apply immediately.

Better connectivity will allow businesses to adopt the emerging technologies that Solution IP specialise in, such as VoIP; a digital alternative to traditional landlines, allowing a flexible workforce to stay connected whilst working remotely.

The two major business VoIP solutions are:

  • Hosted Telephony – systems are hosted within secure data centres in the cloud. meaning that physical handsets are the only hardware required
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking – connections that link your existing Private Branch Exchange (PBX) hardware to the traditional telephone network via Broadband, minimising downtime and ensuring quality of service

‘Your Business, Your Way’ is the Solution IP motto, and this philosophy underpins Patrick’s approach. “We offer an end-to-end consultative model, and really get under the skin of each client,” he says. “It’s important to understand how your business operates company-wide, because there are many things to consider when choosing the right system.”

 “There are massive benefits to being based in the South West – it’s a huge digital hub for a start”


Unified Communications is the overall strategic approach to integrating communications (telephony, email, mobile, instant messaging etc.) within a single platform, and Solution IP can tailor solutions to suit individual business needs.

“We recommend appropriate solutions to fit a range of budgets, and love working with growing companies who are similar to us in their outlook, i.e. willing to embrace new technologies to safeguard the future and facilitate growth. We aim to develop long-term relationships, forming partnerships with each client to identify new opportunities, acting as an extension of in-house teams while delivering great service.”


Patrick Lincoln: Service with a smile

 Despite operating nationwide and with some offerings in Europe, Solution IP is firmly rooted in Bristol, and Patrick is passionate about the South West’s thriving tech community. “There are massive benefits to being based in the South West – it’s a huge digital hub for a start, and digital companies need a good communications infrastructure.

“There are tonnes of like-minded, forward-thinking companies in the area, and TechSPARK is great for showcasing just how the region is embracing future technology and investing in growth. We’re very excited to be sponsoring the upcoming SPARKies and look forward to learning more about local innovations.

“We also have a green policy and admire how Bristol has led environmental progress during its time as European Green Capital 2015. Many of our solutions are being adopted by environmentally-conscious companies; video conferencing, for example, reduces carbon emissions.

Solution IP has recently been shortlisted for this year’s Comms National Awards and Business Comms Awards. Patrick’s advice for those looking to upgrade their communications network is simple: “Develop a basic knowledge of the available technology before you start making enquiries. Get your head around VoIP and what it can offer, or SIP Trunking and the business benefits it can deliver. Look at the cost-savings of Hosted Telephony, and the flexibility of Unified Comms.

“Then it’s a case of speaking to as many people as you can to ensure you get a very rounded view of the options available. On a managerial level there are so many things to consider, but embracing these technologies will improve your overall communications and allow you to scale up and down as you need.”

You can follow @SolutionIP on Twitter, connect with them on LinkedIn and visit their website to learn all you need to know about SIP Trunking.