DeskLodge is a new, cutting-edge, flexible co-working space recently opened in Bristol. Located on Redcliffe Way, its innovative design aims to both inspire and provide the perfect working environment. With DeskLodge you can either hire out a private office, become a regular member or simply stop by and work for a few hours; whatever is best for you.

desklodge-garden-benchRegardless of what your work involves or whether you require the work space for a couple of hours for a meeting, or want to find some permanent offices, DeskLodge and its top-of-the-range coffee machine is ready and waiting for you.

We caught up with Jamie Ellis, Desklodge’s Centre Manager, who is enthusiastic about the range of people already working within the co-working hub, as well as those they are keen to attract: “We wanted to build a place where everyone is welcome. We believe that having greater diversity helps innovation – a bigger network of talent brings better insights and opinions.”

“We would love to support the tech community and would love to speak to people who may want to host events here”


Undoubtedly the interior DeskLodge has adopted is very cool, the pictures can speak for themselves. A particularly attractive feature is a door entrance in the form of a Tardis which, as you may have guessed, leads to a much larger space behind it.


The Desklodge Tardis: It really is bigger on the inside!

DeskLodge are imaginative in the design of their offices, including a Lego theme and have also utilised the charming idea of stimulating the effect of outdoors with synthetic grass and a park bench. You can see more in the video below:

Inspiration for innovation

Jamie tells us, “Companies like Google have huge budgets to build offices to attract world-class talent. They are incredibly focused on getting the best and helping them do their best work – and they do it by creating work spaces which are fun to be in.” The idea behind DeskLodge is to recreate this type of environment, with aims of productivity at the heart.

“Bristol is the best city in the UK – a world class city that has nailed it and is ahead of the curve”


The company has already received an extremely positive response, “People get really enthusiastic about the variety of spaces available and everyone finds somewhere that they would like to work.”

Bringing it to Bristol

 upload (2)After searching the country for the ideal location, Bristol was chosen. “Bristol is a world-class city,” explains Jamie, “with a great combination of freelancers, small companies – and larger companies – and it has a real culture of setting trends and doing things first.”

Its new way of working complements the thriving tech industry emerging in Bristol and DeskLodge have already been successful in securing a permanent office space for companies such as SOMO, Blu Wireless and Trigger Trap. Jamie goes on to say, “We would love to support the tech community and would love to speak to people who may want to host events here” and encourage anyone interested to speak to them.

Tom Ball, CEO of DeskLodge, also remarks, “Bristol is the best city in the UK – a world class city that has nailed it and is ahead of the curve.”

The next steps

Initially, DeskLodge had no intentions of expanding following the launch of their Bristol spaces, “We only had plans to create a single site – but the reaction has been so strong that already we are thinking about growing and opening a few more locations, possibly starting in the South West.”

We love idea behind and practicalities of DeskLodge, but don’t just take our word for it, you can book a tour today to have a look around before making any kind of commitment.

We would like to thank Jamie Ellis for taking the time to speak to us about DeskLodge. Check out the Desklodge website to book some time in their co-working space and find out some more! Alternatively, drop them an email to ask any questions you may have: