October 2015 is Cyber Security Awareness Month, but not many people know about it and fewer do anything even if they do. To change that, this week Security Serious has been holding a conference where businesses and consumers who take security seriously are sharing their experiences and expertise with others. 100s of cyber-security experts are currently offering their time and expertise for free to companies who want to become more security savvy and cyber-aware.

“We are on a mission to inform, educate and engage the infosec industry and the consumers it serves”


it-security-thing-a-to-z-data-protectionTo help raise awareness of the issues involved, IT Security Thing – a media partner to the Security Serious conference and one that is produced by Bath-based publishing agency That Media Thing – has created a free downloadable guide called the “A-to-Z of Data Protection“, authored by renowned security expert Davey Winder.

Infosec experts

IT Security Thing, is worth checking out if you are in the infosec field. To quote them they are “on a mission to inform, educate and engage the infosec industry and the consumers it serves. Brutally honest, intolerant of industry hot air and taking absolutely no prisoners, IT Security Thing is vendor independent, unbiased and very opinionated.”

IT Security Thing’s plan is to build an engaged community of security professionals by providing essential content and services that measure the pulse of the infosec industry. And this A to Z of tips shows off what you can expect from them if you get involved.

You can find out more about the event at the Security Serious website  or by following the event on Twitter: @SecSerious.  More security tips and news can be seen at IT Security Thing and you follow them here: @itsecuritything

Image credit: Julian Dodd