sparkies-awards-2016With the launch of the SPARKies 2016 coming up fast, here’s the lowdown on the different categories of SPARKies award this year and how you can nominate others (or yourself!).

The SPARKies tech and digital awards, now in its fourth year, shines a light on the amazing wealth of tech and creative professionals, startups and businesses in the West of England. We want to highlight the innovation being created in such abundance in and around Bristol and Bath, and the people and businesses who make it possible.

15 awards to win!

With 15 separate award categories we are covering everything from best app, entrepreneur of the year to the most innovative use of hardware. In addition, a new category has been added this year– the People’s Choice award – which will be decided by ballot on the night of the SPARKies awards. With these awards we want you to help us unearth those who should be celebrated as the best in the West.

Nominations will open on 24 November over on the SPARKies awards page, so get your thinking caps on for who should be considered for one of our shiny awards!

You can see the full list of categories below.

Biggest success story

Sponsored by Ashfords

This award recognises the company, organisation, project or individual that really made the most of the last 12 months and saw a high level of success.

Future SPARK

Sponsored by Deep Blue Sky

This category recognises a member of the digital community who is 21 or under and has gone above and beyond in the digital sector. They have the potential to become the ‘next big thing’.

The ‘Totally Killing it’ award

Sponsored by KPMG

For competing globally from Bristol & Bath. The company having the biggest global impact, based in the South West.

Best innovation in digital entertainment

Sponsored by the Centre for Digital Entertainment

Celebrating digital innovation in the spheres of entertainment such as gaming, VR, 3D and novel film-making techniques.

The ‘Good’ award

Sponsored by Real World

For the best use of technology for doing good – this covers green tech, sustainable tech and hardware for assisted living.

Best startup

Sponsored by Microsoft

Starting a digital company is tough, and this award recognises a company that is doing it really well. The best startup will have achieved significantly in 2015, and will have significant potential for future growth.

Most innovative use of hardware

Sponsored by Solution IP

This award looks for a company, project, organisation or individual that has created a new device, project or service that uses hardware in an innovative way. This can be anything from robotics to the internet of Things including amazing product design.

Long-term contribution to innovation in the South West

Sponsored by Engine Shed

This can be a company or individual that represents the ‘best tech ambassador for the west’.

Best service provider

Sponsored by Cookies HQ

This award recognises an excellent service company that has provided a sustained level of support and made a clear difference to the region’s digital sector.

Best mobile app

Sponsored by Invest Bristol & Bath

This app will reward the best mobile app made in the South West. It is judged on the way the app looks and operates; its stability, speed, content and its functionality.

Best use of UX Design

Sponsored by Freeagent

An award to celebrate the best web and software designs and experiences created by individuals or companies in the South West.

Founder/entrepreneur of the Year

Sponsored by Hayes Parsons

This is an award for those in our community who have consistently demonstrated a significant entrepreneurial spirit and whose digital activity has shown commitment, enthusiasm, success and achievement.

Future-SPARK-sparkies awards

Future Spark 2014: Comedian and host Tom Craine is clearly
overcome giving Jake Chandrasakera his award last year!

Best mentor

Sponsored by TLT

This award recognises those who have gone out of their way, providing their own time or resources to advise and support a young company or individual to achieve success in the SW in the digital and tech sector.

Best digital agency

Sponsored by Marketing Agencies Association

An award for the best digital agency serving the West of England.

People’s choice

Sponsored by Forward Space

You tell us who you think the best tech company in the South West is. This one will be chosen on the night by the SPARKies audience!

You can keep up to date with the SPARKies on our Twitter hashtag: #thesparkies and read more about the awards on our SPARKies page

Jamie Middleton