The first ever TechCities Awards from TechCityInsider, which plans to show off the most innovative and amazing tech companies from across 19 city regions in the UK, are being held this month. The three startups shortlisted to represent the Bristol and Bath region are Zynstra, The Daredevil Project and Neighbourly.

“Bristol & Bath are without doubt serious players on the UK tech scene”


It’s impressive to even make the shortlist, never mind win, because as Julian Blake the Editor of tells us: “The shortlisting considered the strength of the product, the potential for scale and the strength of the founding team.” This means all three companies are already recognised as tech startups with the gumption and traction to make it all the way.

Julian also recognises the impact the region is making in producing innovative tech: “Bristol & Bath are without doubt serious players on the UK tech scene. The area’s combination of big and small, corporate and startup, gives it an edge, alongside its long history of delivering innovation and excellence. And the arrival of the Engine Shed has created an impressive hub for Bristol.”

What do the shortlisted companies do?

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Neighbourly aims to connect big business with community projects and local charitable causes. It’s a concept that has gone from strength to strength in an age where corporations are seeking to reaffirm strong relations with disaffected customers.

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daredevil-projectDaredevil Project


The Daredevil Project is the creator of Duel – the photo-duelling game which has been dubbed the “illegitimate child of Draw Something and Snapchat” by founder Paul Archer. Duel works by players either uploading a single photo, giving it a title, and then challenging their friends to respond with their own image, or they send their friends a pair of ‘duelling’ photos, and ask them to decide which they prefer.

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Zynstra is a company offering an exciting new approach to IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers them big company IT, with the capability and reliability they cannot normally hope to receive, but at a small company price.

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Good luck to all three companies from TechSPARK!

You can see the shortlisted companies for all the regions on the TechCityInsider website and buy tickets for the TechCities Awards here. You can also follow @techcityinsider to keep up to date with the latest news on the awards. And while you are about it, why not follow us too! @TechSPARKuk

Jamie Middleton