Technology in the home is constantly evolving and working harder than ever before to make life easier. But it’s not often that a device comes along which not only makes controlling your home easy, but also assists in creating a sustainable future that is beneficial to you and the environment.

“We hope BlueGreen will be a real game-changer for homes and workplaces in Bristol and beyond”


Bristol BlueGreen is a new company based in Bristol which specialises in voltage management. The BlueGreen is unique in its field, being the only domestic and light commercial voltage optimisation device to lower and regulate the incoming voltage in the home to a set point by the use of the company’s patented anti-phase technology. This helps reduce the consumption of electricity in homes and businesses saving money and reducing carbon footprints.

BlueGreen5_front_viewThe BlueGreen voltage management device (pictured right) works with and is complementary to other renewable technologies, such as Solar PV, but has the distinct advantage of working around the clock, saving energy even when the sun isn’t shining.

Controlling voltage to reduce energy wastage

Voltage optimisation works because the distribution of electricity isn’t lossless. The utility companies have to supply across a range of 216 volts to 253 volts in the UK (207 volts to 253 volts in Europe) to allow for load changes on the network. While appliances have to work across the range, their optimal point of operation is between 220 volts and 240 volts. Above 220 volts appliances start to waste the extra energy as heat with no improvement in performance. The national average in the UK is 245 volts and is rising as more micro-generation feeds into the grid.

“It’s a solution to energy wasting that creates real savings”


“It’s a solution to energy wasting that creates real savings” says Rick Smith, Bristol BlueGreen’s Chief Executive. “For every kWh of energy not used in the home we need to produce 2.5kWh less at the power station. But this technology is more than just a money saver. The BlueGreen has been specially developed alongside an app which makes it possible to track the energy usage in your home, and in other homes like yours. Future developments will allow the BlueGreen to connect your home for comfort, safety and security giving you more control as well as guaranteed savings.”

bristol blue green harbourfest

Bristol BlueGreen: Getting the message across about the ease of
saving power using voltage optimisation at Bristol Harbour Fest

It’s an innovative look at how to solve a problem that affects homes across the UK, and it may well play a significant role in the energy efficiency market. It began role out across Bristol in August, with Rick Smith choosing to start small in the local area. “The BlueGreen is a new way of thinking about technology in the home and we think Bristol is very receptive to alternative energy solutions” he says. “We hope BlueGreen will be a real game-changer for homes and workplaces in Bristol and beyond”.

You can see more information at the Bristol BlueGreen website and keep up to date with what BlueGreen is doing on their twitter feed: @BlueGreenSES