keymailer_alienKeymailer is a site that connects content creators on Twitch and YouTube to game publishers and developers so that they can request review copies of games (known as keys).

“Yeah, right!” we hear you game reviewers cry, and, if you’ve ever tried to get a free game key, we understand why you’d be sceptical: in the past only a few sites offering to give out free keys have actually done so, while many have simply failed to deliver.

But Keymailer is different and does deliver – not only does it have TechSPARK’s seal of approval in the form of it winning Best Innovation in Digital Media of the Year award in this year’s SPARKies awards, but also, it was a VentureFest finalist in May 2015, and secured an I4G grant in December 2015.

So if you’re a gamer or a publisher, and if, like the eight-strong team at Keymailer, “you never want to see a good game slip through the net”, you should read on to see how this service could benefit you.

How does Keymailer work?

For content creators and livestream broadcasters, Keymailer enables you to save time by requesting keys from multiple publishers, allowing you more time to generate content, and it also helps protect your channel IP by reducing the likelihood of scamming.


Maximum exposure: Connect your company’s games to YouTube and Twitch content creators and their fans, and reach the right audience 

For publishers, developers and PR agencies the service offers a unique set of tools to prove the identity of the content creator, provide live channel stats and examples of the coverage they provide, an insight into what they enjoy playing, and demonstrate how influential they are by game and genre.

James-Beaven-keymailer-and-mark-turpin-yogscast-Sparkie-awards-winnersAccording to James Beaven, founder of Keymailer, (pictured on the right celebrating his SPARKies award with Mark ‘Turpster’ Turpin from The Yogscast!) getting the right influencer to play your game at the right time is now a fundamental part of any launch success, but finding the right person can be difficult – and that’s where Keymailer can help.

Every YouTube and Twitch influencer that signs up to Keymailer goes through a full accreditation process. This is a bulletproof way of confirming they are who they say they are and provides the metrics to demonstrate their relevance and influence specifically to your games.

“Using Keymailer has given us the ability to reach so many more people in far less time than we could manage through traditional means”


The company is already gaining plaudits with its users. “Using Keymailer has revolutionised the way that we work with influencers,” says Suzanne Panter, Koch Media, “giving us the ability to reach so many more people in far less time than we could manage through traditional means. We now don’t waste any codes and can accurately report on how successful our campaigns are. In short, Keymailer delivers on all of its promises.”

With a list of target influencers selected, Keymailer securely delivers game keys via the platform. The reporting tool confirms when each key has been used, clips video coverage on YouTube and Twitch, and builds campaign reports on demand that highlight in real time who is creating the most interactions. Keymailer also recycles unused keys to reissue to waiting channels.

The key to success

Keymailer has had an impressive success rate so far. Since its launch in October 2015, Keymailer has registered over 50,000 YouTube and Twitch channels – of which the top 5 per cent have an aggregate following of over 85 million; it has been distributing over 12,000 game keys globally every month for over 300 publishers, developers and PR agencies; and has clipped over 100,000 pieces of YouTube video coverage for games listed on Keymailer.

For more information on Keymailer, visit the Keymailer website or follow them on Twitter here: @keymailer. And while you are at, why not follow us too! @TechSPARKuk

Kulsoom Middleton