wriggle-app-restuarants-bristol-brightonBristol-born startup Wriggle has successfully crowdfunded over £450,000 to expand its vision to get people spending in quality local eating establishments rather than chains.

Wriggle’s web and app-based marketplace helps customers to discover and save money from high-quality independent Bristol restaurants, cafes and bars – and now Brighton restaurants too!

“We’ve come a long way in just under two years, and we’ve got big plans for the next few years”


Founder of Wriggle, Rob Hall, tells us: “The response to Wriggle’s crowd-funding round has been amazing. We’ve come a long way in just under two years, and we’ve got big plans for the next few years.

“We’re focusing on launching ourselves in new locations – with Cardiff scheduled to be the next city – and providing a range of new features to help local businesses more effectively.”


Local offers on tap: the app displays nearby independent restaurants,
cafes and bars with available special offers


Having already extended its offering from an initial mobile app to a complete ecommerce website, Wriggle will be making plenty of changes in the months to come.

The startup now works with 250 of the best independent establishments in Bristol – including No Man’s Grace, Small Street Espresso, Pata Negra, Small Bar, the Old Vic and the Watershed. Not only has the Wriggle app been downloaded 40,000 times, it has brought local independent-establishments 25,000 new customers in the process!

Ariel, owner of Biblos, a small Bristol restaurant-chain using Wriggle, says: “What I love about Wriggle is that the brands within the Wriggle-sphere share traits which appeal to the same market as us. What Wriggle does really well is deliver at the specific times we need customers, targeting the right people and bringing numbers through the doors.”

Thanks to Rob for sharing this great news! You can find out more, discover independent restaurants near you and download the app via the Wriggle website. You can also stay up to date with Wriggle’s upcoming expansion plans by following them on Twitter: @wriggle.

Alice Whale