copyright-JonCraig--20160412-149Calling all 360 film and content creators, from companies to independent amateurs, Bristol-based virtual reality (VR) games company Opposable VR is running a prestigious 360 film competition this month in partnership with Chinese VR events company VR LET.

“The competition is designed to place a spotlight on the incredible 360 film creators out there”


With the winner to be announced at the UK’s leading short film and animation festival Encounters in the city of Bristol itself, there’s never been a better time to get involved.

But if you haven’t already entered, you need to be quick, the deadline for entries is on Tuesday 30 August!

360 spectacular

Competition organiser Ryan Davies tells us: “The competition is designed to place a spotlight on the incredible 360 film creators out there.

“Being surrounded by the world that characters are inhabiting is something quite special”


“While this alone offers individuals and companies a great opportunity to have their films seen by the delegates in attendance, including critics and potential investors, our partnership with China’s VR Let means the winning film will also be able to get their foot in the door of the Chinese market. A market that’s currently seeing its own VR boom.”

gear-vr-opposbable-vrWith just a few days left to get entries together, we thought we had better ask Ryan what he thinks makes an award-winning 360 film. He explains: “360 films, and all forms of virtual reality, are about immersion. While traditional films certainly have this quality, it’s so much easier to lose oneself while watching a 360 film.

“Simply being surrounded by the world that these characters are inhabiting, to feel like more than just an observer to that world, is something quite special. A good 360 film taps into this ‘sense of presence’ and uses it to tell an immersive story.”

Encounter creativity

As well as having their film celebrated amongst some of the more inspiring short films and animations from across the world – finalists will, of course, be able to experience Encounters Film festival itself.

“We’re all about Bristol being a hub for creativity”


Feeling the excitement mounting, Ryan says: “Aside from the 360 film competition, we’re big fans of the animation elements of Encounters. As a virtual reality developer, we’ve always got a close eye on the animation industry – looking for new techniques and methods that we can factor into ever more immersive experiences.

“Plus, we’re all about Bristol being a hub for creativity. So we’re up for any excuse to gather a huge crowd of creative individuals in the city.”

Submissions for the 360 film competition close on 30 August, so make the most of the Bank Holiday weekend and get your entries in sharpish! 

Stay up-to-date with the competition by following Opposable VR on Twitter: @OpposableVR. You can also find out more about the film festival by visiting the Encounters website or following them on Twitter: @EncountersSFF.

Image Credit: Jon Craig