SRT Marine Systems, based just outside Bath, has developed the world’s first fully certified solar-powered transceiver for small boats.

SRT’s Identifier is the world’s best-selling tracking and identification transceiver using the AIS Class B specification for small vessels and fishing boats, and the company develops the chips and software in Frome. The new Identifier Solar Power Kit is designed to provide power to the Identifier for continuous autonomous operation without the need for connection to the vessel power supply using an internal battery for 5 days of standby power.

Using solar power could allow the transponder to be used on even smaller boats that don’t have generators, allowing them to use the integrated GPS and VHF antennas, a range of security features and dual terrestrial and satellite tracking modes so that they can be found if they are in trouble. It would also allow them to be detected by larger shipping, reducing the risk of accidents.

Safety first

The kit comprises of a high-efficiency solar panel which has been specially ruggedized for long term continuous use in harsh commercial marine environments and the Identifier power control and user interface. This supports a range of configurable user functions such as SOS signalling and geo-fencing alerts that trigger if the boat goes outside a particular area such as a fishing ground or into a commercial shipping lane.

SRT develops, manufactures and supplies maritime tracking technology and turn-key systems to marine companies around the world. The systems are used by individual vessel owners, port authorities, maritime infrastructure owners, coast guards and national security agencies for  tracking of commercial and leisure vessels, sustainable fishery, anti-collision, search and rescue (SAR), waterway management, port and coast security as well as pollution and environmental management.

You can see more about the company on the SRT Marine website.

Nick Flaherty