One of the most common questions I’m asked by startups is what are the best tools other startups have used to help them set up and run their companies. With the workload mounting on my own desk, I went out to ask current SETsquared members for their thoughts. After all, they are the driving force of their companies, managing businesses, growing teams and fundraising at the same time.

“Time management trick: Saying ‘no'”


I was intrigued what is their favourite business app they can’t live without, what is their best time management tip they could share and who keeps them inspired. Here is what I gathered:

rob-hutton-trimetisRob Hutton, co-founder of Trimetis

Favourite business app: Xero – Get a real-time view of your cashflow

Time management trick: Schedule time for everything in your calendar (with purpose), even thinking time, and especially taking breaks (lunch, run, walk)

Business hero: Dr Gary A Klein (my mentor, ex-colleague and friend), pioneer of decision making/thinking skills in business/work.

David Gilroy, CEO of Conscious Solutions

Favourite business app: Slack – Team communication for the 21st century

Time management trick: Write down your top five things to do each morning. Do No.1 until it’s done or you can do no more. Do NOT open email until No.1 is ‘done’

Business hero: Kim Hare, Kaizen Training

yellowdog-gareth-williamsGareth Williams, Founder and CEO of Yellowdog

Favourite business app: Excel

Time management trick: A single prioritised to-do list accessible on every device I own.

Business hero: Seth Godin

ek-photo1Emily Kent, Co-Founder of My Action Replay

Favourite business app: Receipt Bank – For massively reducing the hassle of paper accounts

Time management trick: Outsourcing our payroll to our accountants and using Hipchat when the team are working remotely

David Standingford, Director at Zenotech

Favourite business app: Xero (I’m passionate about cash!)

Time management trick: Saying “no”

Business hero: Peter Jones (Dragon’s Den) – business savvy techie

william-britton-showcase-20161William Britton, Founder and CEO of Inclusive Media Solutions

Favourite business app: Slack

Time management trick: Google Calendar – syncing up my calendar across all devices and sharing it across platforms etc.

…and my own…

setsquared-5359-candour-creative-candourcreative-coMonika Radclyffe, Centre Director at SETsquared

Favourite business app: Slack & CamCard (business card scanning)

Time management trick: Scheduling everything, limiting email time, post-it notes as to-do lists

Business hero: Elon Musk

If you’d like to learn more about SETsquared, officially the world’s best university incubator, then you can visit the SETsquared website or follow them on Twitter @SETsquared