ADLIB is sponsoring Bristol’s first ever Social Media Week (SMW). To commemorate the occasion, the ADLIB team are composing the first ever study into how businesses in the city use social media. The survey has now launched and they’re reaching out to “Those that work for (or own) an agency with a social media offering and those that work for one or more brands directly.” They’re targeting employers, employees and contractors alike – but hurry up as admissions for the survey close Sunday 16 October!

Why get involved?

Aside from that fact that this is never before touched territory and you can help make history (which is pretty cool), the results should be fruitful for all.

smw-scrabble-facebookWe caught up with Sabrina Walls, ADLIB’s Marketing Manager, who told us about the importance of the survey. ADLIB hopes the results will help focus the discussion at SMW, as well as, “provide a health check of the social media industry in the South West, including some real insight into today’s social media employment market as well as how those working within social media use it and plan to use it in the future.”

The survey only takes a matter of minutes to fill out and will help contribute to furthering our knowledge on how and why people or businesses in Bristol use social media.

“This expert panel will be discussing routes ‘in’ to the industry and associated challenges”


We’ve been assured that the results will be available for everyone to access and download, so it will be well worth your while to participate. ADLIB also promise that all entries are completely anonymous; there is no trail back to you nor will your information be shared with any third parties.

Sponsoring Social Media Week

ADLIB’s much-anticipated panel discussion event, ‘A career in social media?’, will be on Wednesday 16 November 2016 at the Engine Shed with tickets available now. The discussion will include what a career in social media can entail, how to get into the industry and how to elevate yourself once you’re there.

“If you are considering a career within social media and are unsure about options and ways in… this could be an interesting event for you.”


Sabrina elaborates, “we are showcasing 4 very different perspectives, entry points into social media and career journeys. smw-scrabble-twitterThis expert panel will be discussing routes ‘in’ to the industry and associated challenges, where social media can take you as well as the differentiation between the commercial and personal use of social media.”

Panelists include, “Social Media Freelancer – Ben Jackson, Social Media Business Owner – Anthony Rawlins at Digital Visitor, Senior Social Media Creative – Sam Beament at The Real Adventure as well as Entrepreneur – Jessica Siggers.” With this expert-dominated lineup, you can be sure to gain some invaluable advice.

The discussion aims to cover a breadth of topics. Sabrina explains that, “regardless if you are considering a career in social media and are unsure about options and ways in; are curious about what a career in social media could entail for you or for someone you know or if you are already working within social media and are wondering what your next career move could be – this could be an interesting event for you.”

Sabrina goes on to inform us that ADLIB is also, “working on some insightful pieces evolving around “up skilling” and “keeping your social media skills up to date” with some of the event speakers.” If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved in, make sure you check the ADLIB blog for more information.

You can complete ADBLIB’s social media survey here and read more about it on ADLIB’s blog. If you want to keep up with the latest from ADLIB, follow their Twitter: @AdLibRecruit 

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