In order to stay at the leading edge of developments, RATP Dev UK considers transport and mobility for the future a priority – both in our existing businesses and in our new developments.

Throughout the UK, public transport is essential to many people: be it rural bus services to connect the countryside with the rest of the world, or major metropolitan transport systems that move the people and business of places like Bristol, Birmingham and London.

“Slide is a technology-driven answer to congestion and an answer to uncomfortably crowded commutes”


As a company, we want to innovate – to better serve our passengers and to increase our market share. Bristol, attractive because of its ‘can do’ attitude to technology, and its diverse transport needs, offers us a fantastic opportunity to do just that with Slide, our latest UK business.

catching-a-slide-minibus-across-bristolDeveloped in collaboration with French tech start-up Padam, The Slide app is a digital answer to an age-old analogue question: how to meet passenger demand and serve customer needs efficiently? The Slide app uses location data to match demand (passengers) with supply (vehicles).

By grouping different passengers’ journeys together, Slide is a technology-driven answer to congestion and an answer to uncomfortably crowded commutes too. Booking a Slide is simple: tap your home and destination address in the app, choose when you want to leave and walk a few mins to your pickup stop. Shortly after, you’ll find one of our drivers ready to pick you up in a comfortable executive-style modern minibus.

Why Bristol?

Bristol is steeped in innovation and is fast to take new ideas to its heart. The city’s also no stranger to congestion and the demand for Slide in Bristol, demonstrates that commuters see us as an answer to that.

Slide provides an exciting answer to a contemporary challenge and Bristol provides the perfect backdrop in which to develop it.

If you would like to put Slide to the test in Bristol, download the free app from the app store. You can find more information on the Slide website and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and get the latest service updates on Facebook

Tim Jackson