Tech City UK and Stripe have collaborated to curate something invaluable for your business. As both companies realise the potential of using pre-existing tools to your advantage, together they decided to create the Startup Stack.

Essentially, it’s a resource compiled of multiple cloud-based tools designed to help entrepreneurs with the fundamental components of running a successful business. The new initiative includes tools to help with things such as data storage, accepting payments and teamwork.

“By automating some of the most resource-intensive parts of building a business… startup tools are emerging as the secret sauce of Britain’s entrepreneurs”


As a business, Tech City strives to propel the growth of the UK’s digital economy and the Startup Stack is an example of their innovative work. Collaborators Stripe are from a similar field. They are a technology platform that facilitates developers and entrepreneurs in building their internet businesses. Businesses from across the spectrum utilise Stripe’s software tools, including the ever expanding Deliveroo.


Maximise your productivity and efficiency

The total stack encompasses over 190 tools across 13 business areas and the feedback has been tremendous.

The tools have proven to be a great success, releasing some of the pressure from a multitude of tech businesses today. The Startup Stack  does a large chunk of the hard work for you, “by automating some of the most resource-intensive parts of building a business… startup tools are emerging as the secret sauce of Britain’s entrepreneurs.” As a result, it has become  an integral resource for many businesses.

“A staggering 70% said their UK startup would not exist without tools”


Tech City and Stripe dedicated time to researching what startups want from tools. They found that cost efficiency is a prevalent factor, but not the only one. A simple integration, stability, reliability and user experience are also very important to businesses. They composed the Startup Stack with this information in mind, aiming to put your needs first.

Stripe_Twitter_banner.v1A survey conducted in June 2016 by entrepreneurs, software developers and technology influencers, concludes just how essential tools have become in the recipe for a successful startup. Results showed that 89% of businesses believe tools make running their business easier, whilst 85% claimed it also makes it cheaper. A staggering 70% even said their UK startup would not exist without tools!

Putting the next foot forward

The business is still expanding and there are plans for developing tools in legal & compliance and in cyber security. Many believe these could help startups grow even faster and, in both sectors, there are already resources growing to aid businesses with this.

Lots of startups have already get involved, so why not follow suit and take advantage of the Startup Stack to make running a business that little bit easier.

You can see the Startup Stack here. To get involved in the online conversation you can follow #StartupStack on Twitter. You can also follow Tech City UK: @TechCityUK and Stripe: @stripe.