Do you keep hearing about additive manufacturing (AM) but you aren’t sure if it is right for you? If you don’t know, AM is a cutting-edge technology that’s making waves in the manufacturing industry where instead of making parts by cutting shapes out of existing blocks of material, and generating waste in the process, the parts are built up into the shapes you want in much the same way as a 3D printer works. It allows for flexible, lightweight, waste-free designs that are revolutionising engineering in many different fields.

Despite the many benefits it can offer, however, some believe there are a multitude of challenges that arise from additive manufacturing. Because of this, on 1 December, additive manufacturing expert HiETA is hosting an event at CFMS in the Bristol and Bath Science Park that addresses these perceived issues.

“AM is no longer just a prototyping process”


The morning is targetted at both technical and non-technical staff, aiming to inform everyone how AM is useful in today’s market.

Helen Bliss from HiETA tells us they’re holding the event to, “show how AM can be used in high-volume and high-quality manufacturing production and show it’s capabilities and benefits – it is no longer just a prototyping process.”

Everyone is welcome – you can grab your free tickets for the day now!

Star-studded lineup

HiETA has attracted some of the best in the business who are eager to tell you all you need to know about AM.

Speakers include Dave Atkinson, Head of Manufacturing for Lloyds Banks Plc and Huw Brown, Partner, Head of Defence & Aerospace for KPMG in the South. Dr Zoë Webster, Head of High Value Manufacturing at Innovate UK will introduce the day and, if you fancy it, you can even attend optional sessions after lunch or embark on an exclusive tour of the HiETA Technology Centre.

Helen says attendees can expect to gain, “A greater awareness of how AM has progressed in the last few years and what support and options there are surrounding it.” Overall, the day promises to be very informative.

Those at HiETA wish to share their knowledge on AM, “locally and also for anyone nationally who is interested.” So, if this sounds like something that could be relevant to you, pop along!

You can get your free ticket for Embracing Additive Manufacturing Production here. Check out HiETA’s website for more information and you can follow them on Twitter here: @HiETATech