yogscast-jingle-jamEach year since 2011, gaming YouTubers The Yogscast celebrate the run up to Christmas with a live stream to raise money for charity. During December the ‘Jingle Jam‘ features members of the Yogscast and guests giving up their time to live stream on twitch.tv/yogscast for up to nine hours a day a day, every day.

They’ve only been going since last Thursday and the team have already raised over $1,100,000! This has smashed all previous records, but they have still raised a very respectable $3.7m in total in previous years.

Games up for grabs

For a limited time, those who donate more than $30 get a bundle of games worth over $650 to download – so you better be quick to donate! What’s more, new games are being added to the bundle throughout December, advent calendar style.

Rich Keith, YogscastThe Yogcast’s Chief Revenue Officer Rich Keith (pictured left) tells us: “The games have all been donated by the developers and publishers who don’t make a penny out of all the sales. The charities being supported include the Mental Health Foundation, Cancer Research UK, WDC, GamesAid, ILGA and Special Effect.”

Pulling in the crowds

With audiences hitting 30,000 viewers, it’s likely this total is going to be much higher, so why not get involved yourself? After all – it’s all for charidee!

If you want to help them raise even more for charity head on over to https://www.humblebundle.com/yogscast