Salvaged is the brand new game brought to you by Bristol-based Opposable Games. This sci-fi strategy expedition game can be played in either Virtual Reality (VR) or normal screen mode – and Salvaged is available for download right now!

“In Salvaged you are the commander”


Salvaged has been 4 years in the making, but now the anticipation is over and you can get your hands on the game from Steam Early Access, making the end to 2016 a pretty good one for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners.

Be the commander

Opposable Games wants to put you in control with Salvaged, but not in the same way as other video games. As the team behind the game explain: “How many games tell you to ‘be the commander’, but simply cast you as some sort of omnipresent god? Salvaged stands apart from these games in one key aspect: in Salvaged you are the commander.”

Salvaged: Watch this teaser trailer to get a hint of what to expect from the game

Salvaged takes you on a journey through Alex Pieterson’s eyes, the commander of the salvage ship ‘Thaddeus’, where the game takes place.

The premise of Salvaged is to successfully lead your squad of agents through shipwrecks that are occupied by vengeful aliens who are in search of valuable parts to loot, or salvage. To leave us in suspense, Ryan Davies from Opposable Games promises us this will result in “something much more dangerous” than originally thought.

universe-in-salvaged-gameRather than venturing out into war as an individual player, Salvaged allows you to oversee all the action at once from your command centre. From this, you can view the scene, including all the battles that commence, through the agents’ headcams and instruct them as you wish. With a gripping narrative and customisable gameplay, Salvaged is truly unique.

Opposable Games certainly haven’t skimped on this early release, encompassing a full 20-level campaign in the game; the team estimate this provides between 8 and 15 hours of gameplay. The game has full HTC Vive and Oculus Rift support and offers vast customisation opportunities of the agents as well as various strategies you can pursue. And, for the super speedy players among you, Salvaged doesn’t have to end upon completion of the mission as additional features include a post-campaign ‘endless’ mode.

Pushing the boundaries of gaming

In other news, Opposable Games has just released a free alternative, Salvaged: VR comic! Ryan Davies tells us, “It’s a really neat little audio-driven virtual reality comic that sets up and establishes the Salvaged universe.” This incredibly inventive idea adds yet another dimension to gameplay; you can get involved by viewing the comic on Youtube or Facebook 360.

Chapter 1: Watch the first sequence of the Salvaged comic here

The release of Salvaged follows the announcement of Adventure Time VR game I See Ooo from the team, as well as the plans for the VR World Congress 2017 (VRWC).

vrwc16-21The third VRWC is taking place over 3 days, from 11 to 13 April 2017, with over 2000 people expected to walk through the doors. Attendees can expect to experience the most innovative VR technologies, whilst having the  opportunity to talk to the people making it. Excitingly, you can also see and take part in 360 talks if you visit VRWC 2017. Ryan adds, “If you’re struggling to figure out what that means – you’ll just have to grab tickets and see first hand!”

You can get Salvaged from Steam Early Access now. Alternatively, the app for mobile VR headsets is now available from iTunes, Google Play and the Gear VR store (if you’ve got one). The comics are also now out for viewing on Youtube or Facebook 360. To keep up with the latest news from Opposable Games visit its website, or follow them on Twitter: @OpposableGames

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