Let’s face it. We live in a thrilling time as far as technology is concerned. Computers continue to become more powerful and the ways companies leverage those computers are impacting our world in amazing new ways.

While tech topics such as artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and the latest smartphones commonly snag headlines from the mainstream media, there’s another industry that doesn’t get as much attention but is exciting, growing, and having a profound impact on society – payment tech.

The electronic shift

For years, society has made a slow but steady shift away from physical currency to electronic payments. A few years ago, this shift was accelerated due in part to the proliferation of smartphones.

Some forward-thinkers realised that the shopping experience could be made easier, faster, and more enjoyable by taking credit and debit cards, virtualising them, and using a smartphone as a digital wallet.

Plastic fantastic: Creditcall’s take on the future of physical credit cards

While Google and other third-party digital wallet providers came to market with these solutions, it wasn’t until Apple released its Apple Pay solution that the concept spread and gained wider acceptance.

Today, digital wallets have become widely accepted. At the same time, companies operating in the payments field have brought other innovative solutions to market, further improving the customer experience, whether online, in-store, via mobile devices, or through self-service applications you find in vending machines, ticket booths, and for parking. In short, electronic payments are everywhere today and, without even noticing it, have probably impacted your life positively.

“Due to the rapid acceleration of payments technology, Creditcall is at the forefront of bringing new features and functionality to market”


Additionally, payment is big business. Every transaction that takes place requires the involvement of a handful of companies behind the scenes. This complex infrastructure takes a small fee for every transaction, which adds up to billions of pounds each year.

With so much at stake, it’s no wonder Jack Dorsey (co-founder of Twitter) started up payment company Square, and why Elon Musk and Peter Thiel (who co-founded Paypal) later invested in Stripe, an e-commerce payment company. It’s also why companies like Samsung are rolling out their own payment apps for smartphones.

Bristol’s payment gateway

You might be surprised to learn that one of the companies having a major impact on this electronic payments revolution is based right here in Bristol. Creditcall, founded in 1996, is what’s considered a payment gateway, providing a critical piece of the infrastructure that functions behind the scenes to make payments possible.

“It’s fulfilling to know that the work of a Bristol born and based business has such a positive impact on the world”


creditcall-office-bristolCreditcall connects any hardware such as smartphones, laptops, card readers in shops or restaurants to the banks. Due to the rapid acceleration of payments technology, Creditcall is at the forefront of bringing new features and functionality to market for its customers. Today, the company has an additional office in New York City and has received many awards for its ingenuity, innovation, and expertise.

Creditcall customers in Bristol include Bristol Airport (paying for parking online and at the parking machines, as well as a queue jumping kiosk where you can purchase a ticket which saves you time at security), the Cabot Circus car park, Temple Meads ticketing, and Five Guys’.

Beyond our local area, Creditcall has developed solutions being used all over the world, and has been an instrumental player in delivering chip card technology to the US market, to replace swipe cards, who has lagged behind the UK by nearly a decade.

To earn and maintain its market-leading position, Creditcall has hired some of the most clever, talented software developers, systems architects, and testers. Being in a growth industry means the company is growing as well, so Creditcall is always looking for bright additions to its team who enjoy working in a fast-paced industry, developing for mobile devices and other cutting-edge payment terminals.

Those who join the Creditcall team have the benefit of learning from the best in the industry. I encourage those interested to check out the company’s current job postings. Additionally, one of Creditcall’s developers recently wrote a short blog on his experiences in the company.

There’s no end in sight for the changes, excitement, and growth opportunity in the payments space. Not only is it enjoyable to work on a daily basis with cutting-edge technologies, but it’s fulfilling to know that the work of a Bristol born and based business has such a positive impact on the world.

Find out more on the Creditcall website, or follow them on Twitter at: @Creditcall.