With Virtual Reality World Congress (VRWC) 2017 due to hit Bristol with a bang this April, Opposable, the organisers of this huge and much-anticipated VR event, is keeping us on our toes. The next wave of speakers has now been announced, and if you haven’t snapped up a ticket yet, this line-up might just persuade you to.

“Expect more eye-opening exhibitors and speakers with impressive new technologies and bold ideas to share”


This third outing of VRWC is taking place over a three-day period, from 11 to 13 April 2017 – and it’s been predicted that up to 2000 people will walk through the doors to experience all the weird and wonderful things that VRWC has to offer. You can get your hands on some tickets here.

Explore new dimensions

We caught up with Ryan Davies from Opposable VR who teased us about what’s to come: “Everything about VR World Congress in 2017 is bigger and better. Expect more eye-opening exhibitors and speakers with impressive new technologies and bold ideas to share.”

vrwc16-in-actionThe event will take place across three venues – Millennium Square, the Watershed and At-Bristol – which Ryan describes as, “beautiful and integral parts of Bristol that we’re proud to be partnering with”.

If last year’s event is anything to go by, VRWC 2017 will not be one to miss. Ryan says the day will cater for a diverse audience: “Whether you’re from a different industry looking to discover how VR can fit into your sector, or already in the market for VR and looking to improve your understanding and develop ideas, VRWC is the ultimate destination.”

“Opposable is incredibly proud to feature each of these unique and intriguing speakers”


But what can you expect if you are one of those attendees? Well, besides engaging in 360° talks at Bristol’s Planetarium and connecting with the creators of the most cutting-edge VR tech out there, you will get the opportunity to listen to some speakers at the top of their VR game, including…

Tom Nelson, Royal Opera House – Can VR change opera and ballet?

tom-nelsonIn Tom’s talk, he will be exploring how VR has the potential to transform the audiences’ experience during opera and ballet performances. As unrelated as the two genres may sound, he’s already put this theory to the test, so expect to hear about his Nutcracker in 360 experiment.

Resh Sidhu, Framestore VR – Creating magical experiences: Behind the scenes with Google Daydream and Warner Bros Fantastic Beasts VR

resh-sidhuFramestore VR broke new ground when they entered the realm of the wizarding world last year. If you missed out on this extraordinary journey, then make sure you check out Resh’s speech at VRWC – she’ll be sharing all the secrets of the most immersive mobile VR experience.

Sheelagh Carew, IBM – Designing the future of VR

sheelagh-carewVR as a concept is already pretty innovative, but Sheelagh wants to take this even further. In the true spirit of immersive experiences, Sheelagh’s workshop will encourage everyone to collaboratively create new ways we can use VR experiences in our daily lives.

Dan Efergan, Aardman – Trying To Connect

dan-eferganIt’s no secret that VR establishes an emotional connection between audiences and stories, but Dan is here to really show you why that is. In his talk, Dan will be dissecting Aardman projects to illustrate this whilst explaining why we’re actually a long way off from truly mastering the art of VR in film.

The team are very excited to announce such a dynamic array of talks: “Opposable is incredibly proud to feature each of these unique and intriguing speakers.” This line-up is part of what they hope will “make VRWC the most varied, interesting and current conference out there!”

On top of this stellar line-up, there will be lots of exhibitors giving you the opportunity to play with their tech, including Ultrahaptics, Igloo and the Centre for Digital Entertainment (CDE).

The uses for VR are continually expanding over a multitude of topics – it seems to have boundless benefits – and VRWC 2017 is certainly not ignoring this. Other speakers that are mentioned on VRWC’s recent blog post will be exploring how we can improve accessibility to VR,  its educational purposes, the role of WebVR and how haptic feedback is also changing the way we use virtual reality.

So what are you waiting for? You can get your tickets for VRWC 2017 here and get more details about the day from the VR World Congress website. You can also give them a follow on Twitter here: @VRWorldCongress.

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